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5 Key Principles to Resource Management

The purpose of project management is to bring together people, processes and tools to accomplish a common objective. It follows, then, that one of the most important elements of project management is managing the resources that actually do the work. In practice, however, many PMs focus on measuring resources rather than acting as a force...

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7 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Advance Your Career

Thomas Edison famously said, “There is no substitute for hard work.” This is true. But your productivity—and the type of work you do—can differ from season to season.  December is a great time to focus some of your work energy into taking stock of where you are and where you want your career to be...

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7 Ways Exercise Improves Your Work Life

We all know that regular exercise is good for overall health and well-being—from looking and feeling good to sleeping well. But there’s more. Exercise does great things for your work life, too. Whether you’re throwing a Frisbee, talking a walk or stretching in yoga class, exercise builds laser-sharp focus, improves your mood and increases productivity....

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5 Reasons We Waste Time at Work—and What to Do About It

We all do it. Even with the best intensions most of us waste some time at work. We can chalk it up to being human and having a lot of distractions in a day—from chatty co-workers to meetings to unclear priorities. In’s 2013 Wasting Time at Work Survey, 69 percent of their respondents said...

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5 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Team Members

Project management professionals: check out these 5 steps to build confidence in your team members....

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In the Future Everyone Will Be a Project Manager

Charles Seybold is a bit of a trend-setter in our book. When he makes statements like, “You are a project manager!” to someone who’s a marketing writer, we like to sit down and get the full story. As our Chief Product Officer, Charles co-founded and designed LiquidPlanner with a vision to transform how projects were...

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17 Reasons Why Time Tracking Makes You a Better Project Manager

The idea of time tracking hurts more than the reality of it. The initial resistance to tracking time is normal – you’re changing habits which takes some getting used to. But in reality, can you and your team (and organization) afford not to know where the precious resource of your time goes—and how it affects...

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How Switching to Cloud-Based Software Can Benefit Your Business

Most of us interact with a cloud-based service at some point during the day—whether it’s buying a song on iTunes or sending photos to a friend via Google Docs. If you’re using the cloud in your personal life, why not in your small business? It’s not just a techie thing—small businesses just like yours are...

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