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LiquidPlanner Update: Your New Analytics Tab

Have you noticed? We’ve made some updates to the Analytics tab. These changes are mainly around navigation and design, intended to optimize the way managers access information and reports. Read on for the details. What’s new in Analytics. We’ve updated the navigation and now you’ll see clear, text menu options and a new, intuitive layout....

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LiquidPlanner Timesheet Updates: New Ways to Track and Organize Your Tasks

You’ve probably noticed that your LiquidPlanner Timesheet has a new look. Here’s what’s going on: We’ve streamlined the design to help you organize and filter your timesheet according to your needs. Instead of seeing a long list of task items on your timesheet, this updated functionality lets you choose what and how you see work...

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A Guide Through LiquidPlanner’s Updated Edit Panel

Our beloved LiquidPlanner Edit Panel is where the bulk of a project’s work gets done. It’s where we update the status of a package, project or task; where we make comments and include notes, reassign items, create checklists and dependencies, attach docs and graphics – the list goes on. So it’s important that this feature...

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Top 10 New Release Tricks and Treats

Our new release is chock-full of over 50 new and improved features to make your life at work more productive, and fun. If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, you’re going to notice some design and usability changes – if you haven’t already. We’ll be writing more about some of these features in upcoming blog posts, but...

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