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6 Top Project Fears that Dynamic Project Management Makes Disappear

There’s a lot at stake for project teams and their managers. Big money’s on the table, commitments and partnerships have been made, and there’s a network of teams with skilled workers who are coordinating their efforts to make timely hand-offs and deliveries. In short, there’s endless stuff to accomplish and stay on top of. And if you...

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9 Ways to Up Your Project Management Game

There’s enough going on every day at work that sometimes just getting things done is a full-time job. However, in order to make a meaningful difference to the projects you work on and to your career, you need to keep honing your skills. An added bonus: learning keeps us from getting bored and stuck in...

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5 Tips to Get Organized for a Productive Fall

Ahh, September. Whether you’re sending kids back to school or just exchanging summer cotton for warm flannels, autumn is a great time to get organized, prepared and reinvigorated—at home and at work. On the work front, team projects always benefit from a fresh outlook and renewed enthusiasm. Project managers can take advantage of that great...

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Q&A With “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management” Creator Elizabeth Harrin

Back in 2006, Elizabeth Harrin was working as a project manager, and realized a discrepancy: there were plenty of women working hard in the field of project management, but not a lot who were speaking and writing about the industry. Craving a female POV, Elizabeth, who’s based in the U.K., jumped in and carved herself a...

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