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How to Spend the First Hour of Your Workday

Some years ago, after I ran an abysmal half marathon, I learned an important lesson. While it’s important to pace yourself, if you go out too slowly (or in my case sluggishly), that’s the tone you set for the rest of your race. Work days are very much the same: The note on which you...

21 Project Management Resolutions for the New Year

Resolutions, goals, intentions, missions—whatever you call yours, the blue sky of a fresh new year is the time to set your mind on achievements and career themes. Here are 21 ideas for taking your skills, your job and your team to the next level. Go get ‘em, tiger! Be a more effective delegator. Focus on...

13 Reasons Why Teams Are Using Agile Project Management

It’s no secret that the Agile process is fast becoming the preferred way to manage projects. In the year ahead, Agile is expected to become even more widely used. Organizations, teams and even project management software are increasingly responding to a demand for more adaptive and evolutionary processes. And for good reason. In a fast-changing...


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