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How to Transition From Project Manager to Project Leader

Many project managers—and especially those with a technical background—have a predominantly rational and analytical way of thinking. They are good at analyzing facts, calculating duration, coordinating activities and making logical decisions. They are task-oriented and their strength is in executing someone else’s vision—rather than defining it. Being logical and task-oriented is important, but issues arise...

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4 Ways to Start Using Your Timer Right Now

Tracking your time in LiquidPlanner starts with one simple gesture: hitting the timer button. Love it or hate it, time tracking is a critical part of successful project management. It improves productivity in the workplace, guides resource management decisions and helps you estimate your work more precisely over time. But let’s start with the basics....

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7 Tips to Get Monday off to a Great Start

  What is it about Mondays? We take it as a given, that at some point on Sunday a sense of gloom and anxiety will settle in as we think about the week ahead. Even if we like our jobs and the people we work with. Crazy, isn’t it? Research conducted on the subject of...

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