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How to Be a GTD Person in a Waterfall World

I’ve been with the same cell phone carrier for over 10 years. My money has been kept in the same bank since I moved to Canada many years ago. By all accounts, I am a very loyal person to any product, service or system that works for me. Project management and all of its principles—like...

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Why Your Working Culture Determines Project Success

At the start of one of my keynotes or training sessions, I like to ask people about the best project experience they’ve ever had and what made it the best. No matter where I am, the answers are almost always the same: I was supported to do my work. I was involved in the planning...

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The World Is Changing and So Must You: “The Power of Project Leadership” Book Review

When Susanne Madsen told me she was going to write a book on project leadership, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of The Power of Project Leadership: 7 Keys to Help You Transform From Project Manager to Project Leader, and I devoured it...

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7 Essential Skills for Project Teams

There’s a big focus on the skills that apply to individual project managers and contributors. But what about your project team as a whole? Your team needs to possess some essential skills in order to ensure their productivity, sanity, and the successful delivery of projects. Project teams are generally comprised of a variety of specialists...

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5 “Game of Thrones” Lessons for Project Managers

Winter is coming, ladies and gentlemen. Winter is coming! In just a few short days, the twisted plots, betrayals, and subterfuge across the Seven Kingdoms will unfold in the fifth Game of Thrones season. If you’re a fellow GoT fan, you’re well aware of the political and strategic anglings that make the show so addictive....

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11 Ways to Manage Project Conflict

Fights, war, battle, screaming matches—conflict is a constant presence in life. The pressure to deliver unique results on a short timeline adds to the pressure in the project management world. In fact, the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) states: “Managing conflict is one of the biggest challenges a project manager faces.” In any given...

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What Project Managers and Magicians Have in Common, Or: Why Harry Houdini Was the World’s Greatest Project Manager

On my desk, I have a bobblehead figure of Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest magician and escapologist. It reminds me that every project needs a little magic, and every project manager needs a little bit of “woofle dust” to make obstacles disappear and help launch dates align with the project schedule (even when you’re using...

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Risk Management 101

Risk management is an important part of managing successful projects. But for many of you managing projects—whether you’re a project management professional or an accidental project manager, you might not have any formal training in risk management. Or, it could be time to refresh your knowledge about the fundamentals. Wherever you fall on the scale...

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6 Tips to Become a More Collaborative Project Manager

Do you want to be an effective team leader? According to the Project Management Institute’s Pulse Report, more than 80% of high performing organizations report that leadership skills are the most important acquired skills for project management professionals. Researchers at PMI reported that project management elements such as cost, schedule and performance are necessary but...

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10 Tips for Effective Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable part of our everyday working life. They can either be productive, collaborative forums that help drive a business or project forward or time-eating, soul-crushing events that swamp everyone’s day and stifle progress. I’ve heard many folks bemoan the fact that they’ve been so tied up in meetings that they haven’t gotten...

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8 Essential Skills to Advance Your Career in Project Management

Project managers need to master a myriad of skill sets to lead with confidence, motivate team members and manage stakeholder engagement to deliver successful projects. It’s not always easy in the modern business world. The economy has challenged many organizations to do more with less, focus resources on failed projects, consolidate their infrastructure and critical...

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5 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Team Members

Project management professionals: check out these 5 steps to build confidence in your team members....

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