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7 Essential Skills for Project Teams

There’s a big focus on the skills that apply to individual project managers and contributors. But what about your project team as a whole? Your team needs to possess some essential skills in order to ensure their productivity, sanity, and the successful delivery of projects. Project teams are generally comprised of a variety of specialists...

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6 Essential Project Management Skills They Don’t Teach in School

There are some things that are practically impossible to learn without actually doing them. For instance, no amount of reading about how to play the piano will eliminate the need to sit down at the keyboard and practice. Likewise, you can study great art for a lifetime, but you will never really learn to paint...

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8 Essential Skills to Advance Your Career in Project Management

Project managers need to master a myriad of skill sets to lead with confidence, motivate team members and manage stakeholder engagement to deliver successful projects. It’s not always easy in the modern business world. The economy has challenged many organizations to do more with less, focus resources on failed projects, consolidate their infrastructure and critical...

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What Top Performing Project Managers Do Differently

  Project managers are a fascinating lot. I am constantly reminded that it takes a specialized set of skills to do this job. A few years ago, I led a survey that studied the attributes of 860 project managers, known as The Alpha Study. It was part of a book I wrote called Alpha Project...

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10 Project Management Don’ts

While we advocate focusing on core strengths and business smarts to sharpen your project management skills, there are always pitfalls to avoid in every job. Yesterday Susanne Madsen gave us 10 Dos of Project Management —here, she gives us the other side of the coin: 1. Don’t start executing without defining and planning the project first. It’s...

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