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3 Reasons to Use Project Management Software as a Resource Planning Tool

Resource planning is a discipline within project management software that involves gathering the proper mix and quantity of resources required to complete a project. A resource can be anything from people to equipment, to materials, IT assets or funding. Think of it this way: If the project is a recipe, resource planning is the process...

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21 Tips to Enhance Your Project Management Career

There’s a lot to know—and do—to be a top-performing project manager. You have to be well-organized, see the big picture, be detail-oriented, manage resources, lead teams, know how to use planning tools, win the trust of clients and bring projects in on time. To name a few skills and responsibilities. But if you practice one...

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5 Rules for Virtual Collaboration Among Project Teams

Over the past few years, there’s been a steady increase in virtual and distributed projects. Collaboration tools have flattened the geographical barriers and now allow team members to live in their home state or country and still work virtually. For example, I currently have two projects running in three different countries with team members in...

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