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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Working on a Never-Ending Project

Completion is satisfying. Being able to cross an item off a to-do list, mark a task done, or deliver a finished project is a big part of being fulfilled at work. That’s why projects that stretch into a far-off horizon are challenging for even the most seasoned project manager. Whether you’re managing a mammoth IT...

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How to Have Effective One-on-One Meetings

Managers who have regular one-on-one meetings with team members develop an improved sense of what’s required for better performance. Team members, on the other hand, get focused attention on work goals and career development. Plus, the opportunity to build rapport, get individuals aligned with project visions and clear on their purpose also increases performance and...

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How to Lead a Team Through a Challenging Project (Without Making Them Hate You)

So here you are, heading up an important technology project for your company. There’s a lot at stake for your organization, your team and you. If you don’t take steps to prepare yourself, it could be a long, difficult process. And more importantly, if you don’t lead your team effectively, you could wind up being...

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3 of the Longest Construction Projects in History

Think your project is taking foreeever? On this Friday after tax day, we breathe deeply and dig into the vaults of history for some perspective. And guess what—we found some projects that really did take for-freakin’-ever. Historical, unfathomable, magnificent. These monuments were built with no project management software. No Gantt charts, scheduling methodologies or scrum...

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4 Tips for Leading a Project Kickoff Meeting

Your project’s kickoff meeting is like an opening night for a new production. The stage has been set, scenes have been cast, the players are all in place, and the project story is ready to unfold. It’s important to have a meeting that’s well-organized, informative and motivating—something that addresses priorities nurtures teamwork and generally rallies...

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5 Ways to Survive a Project That’s Up a Creek

I’d be fibbin’ if I told you that every project I ran into was a successful one. I’ve gone in to rescue troubled projects and I’ve been on the receiving end of troubled projects. Neither experience is fun; you’re dealing with a lot of stress and scrutiny beyond the usual project management challenges. This is...

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11 Things You Never Want to Hear About Your Project

As a project manager, you expect to hit obstacles along the way – but if you’re not prepared, these obstacles can put your project into a serious danger zone.   How can you tell if you’re on the cusp of a project going down the drain? For starters, listen carefully. The clue is in what’s...

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