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LiquidPlanner Update: Your New Analytics Tab

Have you noticed? We’ve made some updates to the Analytics tab. These changes are mainly around navigation and design, intended to optimize the way managers access information and reports. Read on for the details. What’s new in Analytics. We’ve updated the navigation and now you’ll see clear, text menu options and a new intuitive lay...

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Q&A With Megan Kiest-McFarland, LiquidPlanner’s New Senior Software Engineer

We’re thrilled to have such an insightful and personable new senior software engineer join LiquidPlanner! Read on to learn more about how Megan Kiest-McFarland starts her day, what she values in her co-workers and the scientific bent she brings to her culinary endeavors. Briefly describe an average work day at LiquidPlanner: When I come in,...

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Video: LiquidPlanner Favorite Feature

We’ve been cruising around the LiquidPlanner offices, asking team members about their favorite LP feature, and capturing them on video. See what feature Community Marketing Manager, Alison Meier can’t live without: Time tracking has a lot of fans, especially after people start using it regularly. There are several business advantages to tracking your time and...

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4 Benefits of a Transparent Work Environment

“Transparency” is a popular trend in business these days. It sounds great, but what does it really mean to cultivate an open working environment? And how do you put it into practice? Here, we look at why transparency matters and how to make it part of your team’s culture. 4 benefits of transparency 1. Increases...

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