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*Dashboards are Available in Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Capitalize on the Data in Every Project

Technology teams are constantly scrambling to meet high expectations, as competitive pressures and business priorities change at an ever-increasing pace. Technology teams need a project management solution that keeps pace with this dynamic nature of work.

Unfortunately, traditional project management systems struggle to deal with uncertainty and unknowns. As a result, project plans are often built on guesstimates and best-case scenarios without incorporating mechanisms for adjusting to reality. This leads to unwelcome surprises like missed deadlines and disappointed stakeholders. Surprises that can ruin your credibility.


A Better Path

LiquidPlanner Dashboards are a powerful way for you to keep your finger on the pulse of a single project, a team or an entire portfolio of projects. You can quickly and easily share dashboards with your team, stakeholders and external groups so they have real-time visibility into project schedules.


Better Gantt Charts

Pre-Built Dashboards

Getting to your project data has never been easier. Start with a pre-built dashboard. These dashboards will take you from insight to action faster than ever.

Estimate in Ranges

Customizable Widgets

Dashboards are built with highly customizable widgets. Select from growing a list of widgets to display the information your team needs to make better decisions. Choose from donut charts, projects views, analytics tables and many others to curate the project data you need.

Better Gantt Charts

Private or Shareable

Make dashboards just for yourself or build shareable dashboards to keep everyone on the same page and facilitate necessary conversations—between teams, clients and stakeholders.

Estimate in Ranges

Dynamically Updated

Dashboards are dynamic and always up to date. No more stalking team members to get a status report. Now you can keep everyone informed in real-time.

Make smarter decisions, faster

Dashboards provide you with instant insight into all of your projects. With LiquidPlanner, you’ll use your project data to make meaningful decisions and act in the moment.

See what people are saying about LiquidPlanner


Since using LiquidPlanner, our directors and managers have more confidence that a project will be finished when we say it will. Going forward, I would expect that we could see a six month to one year improvement on our average project duration.


Steve Watkins
R & D Engineering Manager, Rotork

LiquidPlanner transformed the way the team performed and acted and changed what they did to meet the deadlines. You don’t argue with the estimates. You change your plan so that it will work. We actually ended up finishing the project a few days early.


Tim Hughes,
Dir. of Solutions and Services,
Airways New Zealand

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