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LiquidPlanner Aims to be the Simple Resource Management Fix

LiquidPlanner Aims to be the Simple Resource Management Fix

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SEATTLE, WA – Seattle-based project management tool, LiquidPlanner, not only provides insights into a project but also equips project managers with tools to keep a project on track. According to the company’s research, these are the eight main challenges that come up for project leaders: 

  1. Concern over the team’s workload
  2. Understanding where bottlenecks slow work down
  3. Having to share resources across several projects
  4. Not knowing how people are spending their time
  5. Struggling to allocate resources to last-minute or unplanned work
  6. Wasting time due to poor communication
  7. Being able to allocate the right tasks to people with the right skills
  8. Overpromising and then being unable to deliver without a big push

Anybody who’s managed projects, or even been involved in a project, knows that these issues can derail a project completely. LiquidPlanner offers up a solution: planning intelligence. Through this, no resource is overused, overstretched, or overworked. It allows teams to balance workloads while concurrently maximizing productivity. Sounds like a win-win. 

LiquidPlanner’s platform provides workload insights to prevent burnout, a word that is sadly heard way too often in the corporate space. Workload insights create balance across the team to protect team members and keep up momentum. Another key feature of planning intelligence is real-time progress and time-tracking. As the project progresses, project managers can see it all happening in a living, breathing, real-time schedule. 

In today’s uncertain times, it’s important to have a project management platform that takes the ups and downs into account, especially when many teams are still working remotely. LiquidPlanner rolls with the punches and adapts as quickly as employees are expected to when things don’t go as planned. 

Collaboration and driving forward toward a goal build a solid foundation for a team that wants to perform for one another, simultaneously boosting productivity and profitability. To learn more, check out the full article[link to article on blog] on LiquidPlanner’s site. 

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