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LiquidPlanner Enhances Planning Intelligence Capabilities | LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner Enhances Planning Intelligence Capabilities

LiquidPlanner Enhances Planning Intelligence Capabilities December 2022

LiquidPlanner, the Seattle-based Planning Intelligence company, has announced a bundle of new features and optimizations informed by user feedback received over this past quarter. This release focuses on effective time management and boosting visibility to key schedule insights. 

The highlight of this release is the new Work Limit addition, which allows users to place a cap on the number of hours that should be spent on a work item. Users now have real-time visibility into how far over or under items are from the Work Limit, and alerts are generated when there is risk of exceeding it.  The launch of Work Limits is an extension to the Time Management pillar of LiquidPlanner’s Planning Intelligence offering, providing more control over time management and tracking. 

In this release, LiquidPlanner has surfaced key scheduling insights for improved visibility to constraints driving its unique predictive scheduling engine. New dependency indicators for task predecessors and successors were introduced to the dynamic schedule bars. A new icon was added to items that have a Scheduling Limit set so that it’s easy to identify work items that have designated daily, weekly, or monthly time limits for at least one resource. Additionally, Schedule Insights have been made more accessible to users so they can quickly see and manage potential project risk. These optimizations strengthen the Predictive Scheduling and Intelligent Insights pillars, further expanding the power of Planning Intelligence.

This release also included the addition of the new Assignments List widget, the expansion of Dashboard capabilities, and an overhaul of Add Multiple to optimize adding tasks in bulk. With each release, LiquidPlanner continues to expand its Planning Intelligence vision to provide differentiated value to the market with predictive schedule forecasting and powerful portfolio control. To learn more about this release, check out the release notes.

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