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LiquidPlanner Planning Intelligence Marks New Era of Project Management

LiquidPlanner Planning Intelligence Marks New Era of Project Management

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The NEW LiquidPlanner is the only predictive scheduling solution on the market

SEATTLE WA – April 22, 2021 —  LiquidPlanner today announced its next generation of planning intelligence, the NEW LiquidPlanner. The new LiquidPlanner expands the power of the company’s predictive scheduling technology to provide customers unprecedented confidence in their schedules. It increases productivity of project teams through project automation that captures inherent uncertainty and dynamically adapts to change in fast-paced environments. 

“LiquidPlanner has created a unique methodology powered by planning intelligence that enables teams to accurately plan, prioritize and perform”, said Ted Hawksford, CEO of LiquidPlanner. “Our new product has been received well by the market, as it offers confident insights into resource utilization and outcomes that no other project management platform can match. The new LiquidPlanner is a more effective way to keep project teams aligned, working on the right things, and delivering real results through increased efficiency and visibility into the project portfolio.” 

The new LiquidPlanner is the only predictive scheduling solution on the market that provides centralized portfolio management for organizations to schedule and deliver on project priorities. Key features only available with LiquidPlanner include:

  • PREDICTIVE SCHEDULING:  Forecasts when work will be done with a predictive scheduling engine that dynamically adapts to change.
  • AUTOMATIC RESOURCE LEVELING:  Automatically levels workload for teams across multiple projects and dependencies. 
  • PRIORITY-BASED PLANNINGManage all of your projects in a prioritized portfolio that builds your organization’s priorities into the schedule from the start. 
  • RANGED ESTIMATIONCaptures uncertainty in project plans through estimation that empowers teams with best case – worst case predictions.
  • INTEGRATED TIME TRACKING:  Instantly updates schedules as progress is logged and captures where time is really spent.
  • SMART SCHEDULE BARS:  Helps teams know exactly when work will be finished based on the uncertainty built into estimates and raises risk in real-time.
  • BUILT-IN LEARNING ACADEMY:  Helps people learn everything they need to know to efficiently take their projects to the next level with hands-on LiquidPlanner lessons.

“I’ve gone through multiple programs with regards to resource and project management. This one by far is the best; it’s the only one that is truly fluid” said Bradley, a customer using the new LiquidPlanner. “It really helps plan the timeline for your projects and shows you the path of how you will achieve it. We just launched it throughout our entire company and I am really hopeful this will be the solution we have needed for so long.”

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