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Report Critical Issue | LiquidPlanner

Report Critical Issue

What is a Critical Issue?

  • LiquidPlanner application is unavailable (, or
  • None of your workspace members can log in and work due to platform issues
  • Critical Issue does not include loss of access due to payment issues. Contact during business hours, 7am – 5pm US Pacific time, if your workspace is locked.

Self Help Check before reporting a Critical Issue

  • Can you access other websites? If not, contact your IT team.
  • Use the back button on your browser to get back to your workspace after hitting an error.
  • Log in using another browser.
  • Check if it’s a known issue on our Status Page and subscribe to updates.

Report Your Critical Issue

Email with the following Subject: CR ISSUE RESP TEAM

Please provide the following information so we can assess the situation and take action quickly:

  • Workspace ID: this is the number in the URL after “space/”.
  • Your name and phone number. Please include country code if outside the U.S.
  • Describe the problem, including the error number and message.
  • Attachments: Provide a screenshot, including the whole browser window so we can see the error message or view state.