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*Resource Management features are available in Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Resource management software that’s up to the challenge

How you manage your resources can make or break a project. Over-allocating team members and under-budgeting time and materials can often wind up in disaster. That’s why successful organizations and high performing teams make sure they pay close attention to resource allocation, capacity planning and future forecasting. LiquidPlanner integrates resource management right into the project management workflow. Unlike traditional project management software that makes it too easy to overcommit people and money, our Dynamic Project Management tool shows you not just where all your resources are allocated, but also lets you shift work and resources to resolve these issues. No surprises, no disasters.

Here’s how we do it:


Resource Workload Report

Resource Workload Report

People are at the center of every project. See what work teams and individuals are working on over time. This provides you with the insights you need to load balance work across teams and among teammates.

Project Workload Report

Project Workload Report

Get an instantaneous and automatically updated view of who is working on specific projects and whether or not any assignments are at risk. This report provides actionable information to customers so they can shift work around efficiently within a project.

Resource Leveling

Resource Leveling

To overcome the common issues of under- and over-utilized team members, the LiquidPlanner project scheduling engine creates a realistic view of resource availability across multiple projects. The resource-leveling feature is inherent within LiquidPlanner, meaning if there is any change in the availability of a resource or any change in the task prioritization, the schedule is adjusted automatically to compensate.

Priority Based Scheduling

Priority-Driven Scheduling

Identifying and prioritizing project tasks based on project requirements is the first step to estimating a project schedule. LiquidPlanner lets you prioritize work with a simple drag and drop, for everything from a single project to an entire portfolio of projects. Each time you prioritize (and reprioritize) items, the scheduling engine will automatically calculate your newest finish dates.

Drive Positive Change

Dynamically Updated Dashboards

Dashboards are dynamic and always up to date. No more stalking team members to get a status report. Now you can keep everyone informed in real-time.

LiquidPlanner is the partner you can trust

Don’t take our word for it – listen to what our customers have to say.

 LP helps me to identify resource constraints based on my project owner’s expectations around project time lines and deliverables. Being able to show where resources are being used and engaging them in the prioritization of projects helps us to be successful with our deliverables.


Jacqueline Lucas, Director of International Programs, LIMRA

 Our creative department…works on hundreds of projects simultaneously…LiquidPlanner really has helped us with planning, scheduling resources and staying on top of our projects. We now have data to show to our executives and internal clients when we communicate timelines. It also helps us to justify new resources.


Katja Zimmermann, Communications Manager, Otter Products, LLC