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Gather Your Success Team | LP Classic Support

The first step to launching a new tool like LiquidPlanner is to select the key players who will be on your Success Team. This team will work together to identify shared goals, the timeline and communication plan for implementation.

The Success Team

There are three major players in a successful implementation team.

The Implementation Manager (aka Project Manager)
If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re the one driving the implementation and learning how to plan a successful LiquidPlanner roll-out. As the champion, you will set the pace for executing on the communication plan, completing key documents for team training, and mobilizing your Success Team towards go-live. You will be a key player in determining how to drive change in order to find ongoing success and value with LiquidPlanner.

Success Team Members
Gathering the right people on your Success Team as change agents has two benefits:

  1. Multiple people within your organization will be power-user experts in LiquidPlanner. The more capable users you have within your organization, the more value you will get from using LiquidPlanner in the right way.
  2. Your Success Team Members should include key stakeholders and team managers that will help to positively mobilize the team along with you. Early in the implementation plan, your Success Team Members should also learn how to use LiquidPlanner and be involved in designing key workflow and process decisions.

Executive Support
Getting executive buy-in is also important at this early stage. The leadership within your organization needs to stand up and motivate the team by saying, “This is important, and here’s why.” A key to all successful change management initiatives involves partnering with an executive sponsor who will provide the initial communication to the team, to convey the benefits of using a project management solution and to help support its continued usage.

Do you have your team in place? Great – it’s time to work with them to set your goals for your implementation phase and beyond.