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Classic Customer FAQ for the New LP | LiquidPlanner

Classic Product Support

This is the help center for LiquidPlanner CLASSIC.

For help with LiquidPlanner NEW, please go to the New LP Academy & Support Center

Classic Customer FAQ for the New LP

In Spring 2021 we launched the New LiquidPlanner, a bold re-envisioning of predictive scheduling and intelligent planning. Since then, customers using LiquidPlanner Classic have contacted us to find out more about it. We compiled their most frequently asked questions below so you can learn too.

To experience it for yourself, please go to The New LiquidPlanner registration page and create an account on the FREE PLAN:

After that, you can book time with a Product Advisor to ask questions and learn how to trial premium features.

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Is there a LiquidPlanner Classic sunset date?

No, there is not a sunset date for LiquidPlanner Classic. We remain committed to the stability and security of our Classic product which continues to serve customers well. 

Is there a data importer?

Yes! We have a migration tool to help current customers move their data over. Want to learn more? Book time with a Product Advisor.

What’s the same?

We know the problem we solve better than anyone else is answering the question, When?

  • When will my projects be done?
  • When can my team take on new work?

Knowing when is absolutely critical to anyone using LiquidPlanner. Our new version builds on that, using technology that allows us to be far more innovative than ever before.

You’ll see a lot that is familiar to you

  • Predictive scheduling calculates dates for you
  • Automatic resource load balancing
  • Best case – worst case estimation
  • Priority driven methodology
  • Time tracking keeps the schedule up-to-date

The New LiquidPlanner shares the same principles as LiquidPlanner Classic – predictive scheduling, best case – worst case estimation, priority driven methodology and time tracking keeps the schedule up-to-date. Predictive scheduling and automatic resource load balancing are key features in both products.

What’s different?

Even though it comes from the same DNA, the new LiquidPlanner has a whole new look and feel. There are new features, and some things work differently.

Keep in mind we’re still building this new version, and it doesn’t have feature parity with LiquidPlanner Classic. Here’s what you can look forward to in the New LiquidPlanner:


  • No more “Schedule Ready” button – your schedule updates in real time.
  • Task status (active, on hold, done) is customizable. You can name and color code them to model your workflow.
  • Set a Target Finish (deadline) and choose to have the item stop scheduling to prevent downstream work from getting pushed out.
  • New availability rules enable you to adjust scheduling to accommodate seasonality, overtime, or personal calendars.
  • Personal time off and “everyone time off” are managed through Availability rather than added as items in the workspace tree.
  • You’ll set an ASAP tag on a task to designate priority instead of dragging it to another package.

Custom Fields

  • More Custom Field options and flexibility in how they’re applied: across users and all plan items.
  • Use Custom Fields to designate client work, providing more flexibility for tracking clients.

Task Assignments

  • A person can have multiple Assignments on a Task to itemize the work breakdown, or to pass work back and forth across team members.
  • Allowing multiple assignments can reduce the number of tasks and dependencies in a workspace.

Time Tracking

  • If you track time and then delete the entry, the new LiquidPlanner restores the remaining estimate.
  • Cost Codes replace Activities for time tracking (same behavior, new name).


  • There are four Project Collections: Scheduled, Pending, Archive and Templates.
  • Each collection is structured using packages.
  • To simplify the portfolio experience, there is no package nesting in this version. Packages only hold projects.


  • The New LiquidPlanner has a dedicated Templates feature.
  • Each workspace comes with a set of sample templates you can adapt to your needs, or create your own.
  • Make projects from templates in any Collection: SCHEDULED, Pending or Archive.


  • Views are a new experience for managing work and monitoring workload.
  • Views filter what you see by location: portfolio, projects, packages, groups and people.


  • Organization is where administrators manage user licenses, billing, and plan configuration.
      • Paid plans have flexible billing terms: monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual.
      • The FREE PLAN is powerful enough for real work and extended evaluation.
  • An Organization can have multiple workspaces on the ULTIMATE Plan.
  • When an Organization has multiple workspaces, a person can belong to more than one workspace without additional license fees.