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Classic Customer FAQ for LiquidPlanner New | LiquidPlanner

Classic Product Support

This is the help center for LiquidPlanner CLASSIC.

For help with LiquidPlanner NEW, please go to the New LP Academy & Support Center

Classic Customer FAQ for LiquidPlanner New

In the Spring of 2021 we launched LiquidPlanner New, a bold re-envisioning of our Classic product in a modern interface that’s built to scale. On November 8, 2023 we formally announced that LiquidPlanner Classic will be retired on December 31, 2024.

This page addresses the most frequently asked questions about sunset, and migrating from Classic to New. To learn more about migration, visit the dedicated Migration Help Center which has many resources to support you.

Is there a LiquidPlanner Classic sunset date?

LiquidPlanner Classic is sunsetting on December 31, 2024 and will not be supported after that date.

Who do I talk to about migration?

Our Product Experts are ready to discuss your needs and ensure a smooth transition. To prepare for migration please book a migration review meeting as soon as possible so there’s enough time to plan your strategy and secure a migration date that’s most convenient for you prior to sunset.

What does migration entail?

Migration is a three step process, guided by a Product Expert with follow up support as needed after migration. Professional Services are also available.

  1. Review your LiquidPlanner Classic workspace with a Product Expert and define the steps needed to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Get familiar with the LiquidPlanner New interface and establish a learning plan for your team.
  3. Schedule seamless data migration to minimize downtime for your organization.

Is there a data importer?

Yes! There’s a migration tool that transfers customer data from Classic to New. This will ensure you don’t lose any data and the impact of the migration is minimal for you and your team.

Have other customers migrated?

Yes, many customers have begun the process. You can learn all about one customer’s experience in this Migration Case Study. With hundreds of customers migrating over the coming months, we encourage you to book the migration review as soon as possible.

How does LiquidPlanner New compare to Classic?

LiquidPlanner New has a lot in common with LiquidPlanner Classic: best case – worst case estimation to manage uncertainty, priority driven planning for team alignment, and time tracking keeps the schedule up-to-date. Predictive scheduling and automatic resource load balancing are key features in both products.

There are new features in LiquidPlanner New and some things work differently than in the Classic version. LiquidPlanner New has a contemporary look and it’s built on a modern architecture enabling us to deliver solutions our customers crave, such as enriched reporting and resource management capabilities, increased speed, and scalability. LiquidPlanner New doesn’t even have a Schedule Ready button – the schedule updates automatically whenever priorities, assignments, or estimates change.

For a detailed overview, see the Full Feature Comparison.

Where do I learn more about LiquidPlanner New?

There are many resources including the Academy, feature tip videos, release notes and LPN API Guide.

Does it cost anything to migrate?

Data migration is FREE, and we will provide your team with training videos to help them understand the difference between Classic and New. Professional Services are also available if you have additional requirements.

Why are you ending service for LiquidPlanner Classic?

The infrastructure of our legacy product is older, and not as flexible as it needs to be in order to deliver solutions such as enriched reporting and resource management capabilities, increased speed, and scalability.

For how long can I continue to use LiquidPlanner Classic?

LiquidPlanner Classic will be supported until December 31, 2024. Workspaces may be accessible for a short period of time after that, but the platform will not be maintained. To preserve the security and integrity of your data it’s best to migrate or export data prior to December 31, 2024.

What if I am not ready to migrate?

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can help plan your strategy. You may not be ready to migrate now but through careful planning it will be possible to map out a path and migrate before sunset.

What if I don’t want to migrate at all?

We would hate to lose you as a customer but if you don’t want to migrate then you should export your workspace data prior to the sunset date.

Will I be able to access my old workspace in Classic after migration?

The workspace owner will be able to access the Classic workspace for up to 30 days after migration.

Does it have to be a hard cut over from Classic to New?

Yes – if you want to migrate your current data to the new version, it has to be a cutover because the two versions will not be synced. You can retain access to Classic for 30 days, but any changes made will not be reflected in New.

Can I choose not to migrate my data, and start fresh in LiquidPlanner New instead?

Yes – you are welcome to start with a clean slate if you choose!

If this is done, is there a way to copy the history over later?

No – data migration is a complete overwrite into a brand new workspace.

Will my LiquidPlanner Classic instant be synced with LiquidPlanner New?

No – migration is a one time process and data will not be synced.