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API and Developer Resources

Available with Professional and Enterprise

Take advantage of LiquidPlanner’s Developer Resources to optimize your LiquidPlanner experience.

LiquidPlanner API enables you to build integrations with other tools your team uses, like Jira, Salesforce and many more. Most actions that you can perform within LiquidPlanner’s Projects Tab can be automated using the API. The API also allows you to view reporting, member information and various settings in your LiquidPlanner workspace.

Our API uses Token-based and HTTP Basic Authentication, generally follows RESTful resources conventions and represents resources as JSON.

Download the API Guide document for offline reference in getting started with API integration.

LP Developer Central is your one-stop resource for API documentation and sample code using GitHub. From there, you can post questions and view conversations in our public developer community. LiquidPlanner Support Engineers and Developers monitor and respond to posted questions. If your inquiry exposes confidential information, please send it to support@liquidplanner.com instead.

Webhooks – If you want to receive push notifications triggered by events in LiquidPlanner, review this article to help you get started using Webhooks.

Don’t have development resources to spare at the moment? Explore Zapier – a third party tool which allows you to integrate LiquidPlanner with hundreds of online apps by setting up automations in an easy-to-use graphical interface. More details can be found in this Zapier article.

API and Developer Resources was last modified: June 30th, 2017 by Greg Bennett

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