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Classic Product Support

This is the help center for LiquidPlanner CLASSIC.

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Exporting Collaboration Content | LP Classic Support

Plan collaboration content – comments, checklist items, notes, documents, links – can be exported into a zip file.

This export will capture the content for all of the items within the specific plan item that you have selected in the project plan when you initiate the export. The export is also filter-aware.  If you’re exporting for archiving purposes, don’t forget to include done items.

To export, go to the Projects tab > click on the Edit Menu (pencil icon) > choose Export Text & Files:

Export Text and Files - Edit Menu

The zip file will download to your computer in two separate items:

  • Files: File folder containing files (images, documents, etc) uploaded to items included in the export.
  • Index: HTML file containing comments, checklist items, notes, attached files, links, descriptions, dependencies, and more.
Zip File - Exporting Collaboration Content
 Project plan data can be exported separately as a .CSV file from the Edit Menu > Export Tasks to File.


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