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Welcome to LiquidPlanner

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This guide will help you, your team, and your company get immediate value from LiquidPlanner and build the foundation for long-term success. You’ve just taken the first step toward a better organized and collaborative workspace.

We will walk you through all things LiquidPlanner; from how you can build your first project plan to advanced techniques like how you can gain insights from the rich project data stored in your workspace. Let’s get started.

Uniquely Better

LiquidPlanner is uniquely different from all other project management software. We fully embody the practice of Dynamic Project Management (DPM) methodology. What does this mean? DPM is a fluid, supportive and responsive way of managing projects that works with teams rather than against them. DPM is based on the idea that projects are living things that are always changing. As soon as a plan is written, it begins to change as team members work and as external factors affect the outcome.

LiquidPlanner’s unique ability to measure and record effort on tasks and projects allows the project plan to dynamically change and reflect reality at all times. As effort is expended on a project, time is tracked against the tasks and your schedule is automatically updated – your completion dates are then predicted with statistical accuracy. Surprises and changes in direction happen in every project. Use LiquidPlanner to know where you stand at any time, all the time.

While legacy project management tools require teams to arbitrarily guess at project duration and completion dates, LiquidPlanner helps teams plan, schedule, adjust and predict when projects will be completed even when duration and completion dates are unknown.

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Make Project Organization a Reality

Organize and prioritize hundreds of projects and tasks in a single view. From high-level, long-range planning to up-to-the-minute execution, you’re covered. Creating, assigning and prioritizing tasks and projects is fast and intuitive so you can capture all the work that needs to happen on a project.

Never again feel frustrated by a lack of visibility into what’s going on with your team or your own work.

Gain Powerful Visibility

Get visibility into what the team is working on, and collaborate at the task level. Follow the tasks that you care about most or drill down to the comments on your biggest project. You can also see the history of all your task activities.

Using LiquidPlanner, you will communicate purposefully and effectively because comments have the full context of the project work behind them. Less misunderstandings mean better, more effective teams.

Take the Surprises Out of Scheduling

At the core of LiquidPlanner is a unique scheduling engine capable of predicting when an entire portfolio of projects will be completed based on a few key inputs.

Unlike other tools, LiquidPlanner allows each team member on a project to estimate the amount of effort necessary to complete each task within a project. This estimation forms the backbone of a set of probability distributions that are used to model change into the project plan.

With LiquidPlanner, you will feel confident that you can accurately forecast project completion dates and make the correct decisions for yourself, your team and your company.

Learn the Basics

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