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Plan Item: Tasks (Active) 2000Unlimited
Invite Real Members 10+10+
Virtual Members 2550
Document Storage 100GB500GB
Clients (Active) 100Unlimited
Dashboards: External 10Unlimited
Custom Fields 2050
Predictive Scheduling IncludedIncluded
Access Level: Administrator IncludedIncluded
Access Level: Manager IncludedIncluded
Access Level: Full Member IncludedIncluded
Alerts IncludedIncluded
Audit Log IncludedIncluded
Calendar IncludedIncluded
Comments IncludedIncluded
Deadline dates IncludedIncluded
Delay Until dates IncludedIncluded
Dependencies IncludedIncluded
Duplicate IncludedIncluded
Export Tasks to File IncludedIncluded
Export Text and Files IncludedIncluded
Export Timesheet Data IncludedIncluded
Filters IncludedIncluded
Max Effort IncludedIncluded
My Profile IncludedIncluded
Notifications IncludedIncluded
PDF Snapshot IncludedIncluded
Plan Item: Events (Full- and Partial-Day) IncludedIncluded
Plan Item: Milestones IncludedIncluded
Plan Item: Packages IncludedIncluded
Plan Item: Sub-folders IncludedIncluded
Project Teams IncludedIncluded
Report: Personal Status IncludedIncluded
Reports: Workload (Project Tab) IncludedIncluded
Tags IncludedIncluded
Timeline View (Dynamic Gantt Chart) IncludedIncluded
Timers IncludedIncluded
Timesheet Review and Approval IncludedIncluded
Timesheets IncludedIncluded
To Do List IncludedIncluded
Trash IncludedIncluded
Access Level: Restricted Member IncludedIncluded
Activities IncludedIncluded
Advanced Analytics IncludedIncluded
Baseline Reporting IncludedIncluded
Baseline View IncludedIncluded
Card View IncludedIncluded
Client View IncludedIncluded
Contract Value IncludedIncluded
Critical Path IncludedIncluded
Daily Limit IncludedIncluded
Dashboard Guests IncludedIncluded
Dashboards: Internal IncludedIncluded
Favorite Views IncludedIncluded
Import via file (CSV or XML/MSP) IncludedIncluded
Overdrive Scheduling IncludedIncluded
Portal Guests IncludedIncluded
Project Portals IncludedIncluded
Rate Sheets (Billing and Pay Rules) IncludedIncluded
Report: Date Drift IncludedIncluded
Report: Remaining IncludedIncluded
Report: Status (Project Tab) IncludedIncluded
Report: Total Trend IncludedIncluded
Teams IncludedIncluded
Expenses Included
Resource Workload Report Included
Email Integration IncludedIncluded
Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) IncludedIncluded
Document/File Management Google Drive, Dropbox, BoxGoogle Drive, Dropbox, Box
API Access IncludedIncluded
Calendar Integration IncludedIncluded
Quickbooks IncludedIncluded
Webhooks IncludedIncluded
Zapier IncludedIncluded
Single Sign-On Included
Online Help IncludedIncluded
Phone and Email Support IncludedIncluded
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