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The Add Menu

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Use the Add Menu when adding new items to your plan. From the Projects tab, open the Add Menu by selecting the + icon.

Add Menu

Add Multiple Items

To efficiently create items in your workspace, you can bulk-add up to 50 items at the same time. You can bulk-add any of the following plan item types: Tasks, MilestonesFull-Day Events, Partial-Day Events, Projects, Project Sub-Folders, Packages, Backlog Packages, and Clients.

After selecting one of these plan item types from the Add Menu, click on the Examples & Tips link to view examples on how to format items to include more details beyond just the plan item name.

Add Tasks Window

Import From a File

Import extensive project data into LiquidPlanner via a Microsoft Project file (XML) or a spreadsheet (CSV file).

Save time adding items to the workspace by creating a project or task template and simply duplicate the template when new work needs to be added.

Invite Members

Selecting Invite New Members from the Add Menu jumps to the People tab > Invite Members. Only workspace administrators can invite new members into the workspace.

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