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Changing the Workspace Owner

If the current owner is still with your organization…

The current owner must email to request the change.

If the current owner is no longer with your organization…

The change request must come from an administrator.  If your workspace does not currently have an administrator, please follow these steps:

  • Have your internal email administrator re-route the current owner’s email to an appropriate person at your organization.
  • That person can then go to the LiquidPlanner sign in page and request a password reset for the current owner’s email address.  (The reset verification email will be sent to that email address, which is why you needed to re-route it.)
  • After resetting the password, that person can sign into LiquidPlanner as the owner and change the intended new owner to administrator status.
  • The new administrator (intended workspace owner) can then contact LiquidPlanner to request an upgrade to owner status.
  • Please remember that we have this policy to ensure that your organization has exclusive control over the access rights decisions in LiquidPlanner.


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