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Member Access Levels and Privileges | LP Classic Support

Setting access levels for members means you’re able to choose permissions for what they can see and do in your workspace, portals or dashboards.

Member Access Types

There are seven different member types available in LiquidPlanner. This chart explains key differences for each member type:

Workspace Owner There can only be one Workspace Owner. It is automatically assigned to the person who starts the LiquidPlanner trial. The Workspace Owner is the only user that has the ability to permanently destroy the workspace. The Workspace Owner can be re-assigned if the current owner is leaving the organization or is no longer the primary manager of the workspace. Read more. Yes Yes
Administrator Administrators have the ability to configure workspace settings, invite users into the workspace, and view all reporting and analytics data, including billing and pay rate information. Yes Yes
Manager Managers are able to view and approve timesheets. They can also view the Analytics tab but they are not able to see billing and pay rate information within Analytics reports. Yes Yes
Full Member Full Members can view, update and collaborate on all packages, projects, tasks and other plan items in the workspace. They can estimate tasks and track time. They are not able to view the Analytics tab. Yes Yes
Restricted Member Restricted Members must be given access to specific projects in order to view and collaborate with the team on the project. They can estimate tasks and log time to tasks within the projects they are given access to. They are not able to view the Analytics tab. Read more. Yes Yes
Virtual Member Virtual Members are not connected to a real person, so there is no login associated with this member type. A virtual member is typically used to assign tasks to someone who has not yet joined the workspace or is an external resource. Since there is no login for a virtual member, another workspace member would need to estimate and log time to their tasks. Read more. No No login
Portal Guest A Portal Guest can’t access your workspace – they are only given access to view a single project through a portal. They can view certain details for that project and post comments. However, they can’t estimate tasks, log time, or make schedule updates. Because of the limited permissions, Portal guests are typically used to share communications for one project with a client or external vendors. To share multiple projects, consider using a Restricted Member instead. Read more. No Only to Project Portal
Dashboard Guest A Dashboard Guest can’t access your workspace – they are only given access to a specific dashboard. Examples of why you might share a dashboard include sharing high level project status with an executive, or sharing specific project information with a client. A guest will see all of the data on a dashboard, but they have read only privileges. Read more. No Only to Dashboard

How to Set Access Levels

There are two ways to set or change workspace access for an Administrator, Manager, Full Member or Restricted Member:

  • During the new member invite process, you will be prompted to choose an access level for the invitee.
  • Or go to the People tab > Member List > Click on the member name > Access Controls tab within their member profile > Select an access level > click Update Access.

To setup access for a Portal Guest, review the Project Portal setup.

To setup access for a Dashboards Guest, review the Dashboard setup.

Workspace Member Privileges

The table below outlines what permissions a member has if they are given access to your workspace. This chart does not include Virtual Members, Portal Guests or Dashboard Guests because they are not given access to your full workspace.

View and update projects, sub-folders, packages, clients, tasks, events, milestones, and collaboration content See access rules for Restricted Members
Create, edit and delete custom filters
Prioritize plan items via drag and drop or by selection on the edit panel (update package or project field) See Restricting Members from Reprioritizing See Restricting Members from Reprioritizing
Invite new workspace members, resend/retract invitations and disconnect members
Change member time zone
Set or change member access level
Set project access for restricted members
Invite new portal guests, resend/retract invitations and disconnect portal guests
Enable portals, view, and edit portal settings, add existing workspace portal guests
Create and delete virtual members
Transfer all of a member’s tasks to a different member  √
Create custom fields
Create teams and assign members to teams
Create activities
View and update bill and pay rate sheets
Review and export timesheet data  √
Create & edit analytics table widgets with bill and pay rate sheet data
Projects Tab Reports (Status, Project Workload, Remaining Trend, Total Trend, Date Drift) and the People tab Resource Workload report See access rules for Restricted Members
Create and view analytics roll up reports
View rate sheet (billing and pay) data in analytics reports
Create dashboard
Share dashboard with workspace members
Share dashboard with workspace members & external guests
Create & edit analytics table widgets with bill and pay rate sheet data
View analytics table widgets with bill and pay rate sheet data
Change common filter on dashboard with bill and pay rate sheet data
Duplicate dashboard that shows bill and pay rate sheet data
View and update workspace billing information
Edit workspace email integration security level
View workspace summary status and details
Edit workspace settings
Empty the workspace trash


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