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LiquidPlanner will alert you when certain conditions arise in your workspace.

  • When an alert condition arises, you will see either a red, orange or green icon in the left margin on the Projects tab.
  • A written description of the alert will appear at the top of the Edit Panel for that plan item.
  • If a plan item has more than one alert condition affecting it, both alerts will appear on the item’s edit panel. Only one of the alert icons will appear in the left margin on the Projects tab for that item.

Click on the alert icon in the left margin to open the edit panel for that item and read the alert description.

Alerts will not appear for any reason when a plan item is On-Hold because items that are on hold are not scheduled.


Deadline is at risk

When you put a deadline date on a plan item, a red flame alert is triggered when the item’s Expected (50%) Finish date or 90% Finish Date is after the deadline date.  (The Edit Panel will tell you which date triggered the alert.)  The schedule bar for that plan item will also turn red.

An orange warning alert is triggered when the item’s 98% Finish date is after the deadline date or when the item’s deadline date is after the deadline date of its parent container.

Deadline at Risk

Max Effort is approaching or exceeded

When you set a Max Effort value for a plan item, A warning alert is triggered when time tracked exceeds 80% of the Max Effort value.


A red flame alert is triggered when the Expected Total Effort for that plan item is projected to exceed the Max Effort value.

Max Effort


Owner Access Denied

Restricted Member can only view a project when the workspace owner grants them specific access. You will be alerted if a restricted member has been assigned a task and they do not have access to the project.

Owner Access Denied


Restricted Members will not be able to view a task, event, or milestone that is in a package, and not associated with a project. In order to see the task, event, or milestone, it has to be in a project folder, and then the restricted member must be granted access to that project folder.

Broken Dependency

A broken dependency is most often one of these situations:

  • On Hold or Deleted – one of the tasks in the dependency relationship is on hold or has been deleted.
  • Circular – you have a circular dependency.  For example, let’s say that a Phase 2 folder is dependent on a higher priority Phase 1 folder.  If you make a Phase 1 task dependent on a Phase 2 task, that’s a circular dependency.

You’ll see the specific nature of a broken dependency in the Dependency section of the Edit Panel:

Broken Dependency


Manual Alert

A manual alert is one that you create yourself by typing the alert content into the Manual Alert field in the Edit Panel. This alert won’t go away until you clear the content in the Manual Alert field.

Manual Alert


Overbooking Warning

LiquidPlanner will alert you with an orange “Overbooking Warning” when conflicting events are scheduled, except when Full-Day or Partial-Day Events overlap with Full-Day Events assigned to “Everyone.”

To determine which events are conflicting, you can create and apply a custom status filter where item type is Event. And another filter to the person listed in the Overbooking warning to see all of the events assigned to that person and determine which events are in conflict.

Overbooked Warning

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