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Adding Members to Teams

Adding workspace members to teams provides the following benefits:

If you need to collaborate with a group of people who are working on a specific project, use Project Teams

Creating Teams

Workspace owners and Administrators can add Teams to the workspace from the User MenuSettings. Under Data Customization, select Teams > Add Team > enter the team name > click OK. Now you’re ready to add workspace members to these teams via the member profile.

Adding Workspace Members to a Team

Go to the People tab > Member List > select a member to open their Profile > choose the appropriate team under the Team field. Members can also update their own team assignments from their User Menu > My Profile.

Workspace members can only be added to one team. If you need to filter the plan or report by a set of people that aren’t part of a single team, create a Saved Person Filter.

To see all of the members on a particular team, go to the People tab Member List (full view) and click the Team header to sort the list by team.

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