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Pin Tasks to Your Timesheet

Available with Small Team, Professional and Enterprise

The Pin feature allows you to keep a selected task on your timesheet every week. Since pinned tasks stay near the top of your timesheet, they can be useful as a reminder to track time on certain tasks. Here are some reasons you might want to pin a task:

  1. It’s an ongoing task (e.g. Email or Meetings) and you need it on your timesheet every week.
  2. It’s a task you’ll be working on for an extended period and you’d like to keep it at the top of your timesheet for easy access.

A task that is pinned to your timesheet will have a blue dot in the Pin column as shown below:

Timesheet with pinned task examples

How to Pin and Unpin Tasks

Pinning tasks to your timesheet is easy — you can pin items in the following ways:

  1. You manually select the dot in the Pin column, and it turns blue.
  2. When you add a new or existing task to your plan via the Add button on the timesheet, the task will be pinned automatically.

Tasks become unpinned in the following ways:

  1. Manual Unpin: Tasks will stay pinned to your timesheet until you unpin the task. To unpin a task, click on the blue dot. Once a task is unpinned, the pin field will revert to light gray.
  2. Automatic Unpin: If a task has been marked done by any user, that task will automatically be unpinned from timesheets for all users.

What’s on Your Timesheet

Tasks appear on your timesheet if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Timed task – There is a timer (running or stopped) with time accumulated for this task. If you have any tasks with a running or stopped timer, these tasks will appear at the top of your timesheet.
  • Pinned task – A pinned task shows up on all subsequent timesheets until the task has been unpinned.
  • Upcoming task –  It is scheduled to start in the next 7 days.
  • Event or milestone – It occurs during the current timesheet period.
  • Tasks with recently done assignments – An active task on which you have marked your assignment ‘done’ in the current timesheet period.
  • Recently done task – A task that has been marked done or had time tracked to it in the current timesheet period.
Tasks that have recently been un-pinned may remain on your timesheet for a period of time if they meet any of the above criteria.


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