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Billing Summary and Product Upgrades

Workspace administrators can access subscription information in LiquidPlanner via the User Menu. Select Settings, then go to Billing and Purchasing.

Billing Summary

Billing Summary is an overview of your subscription details including pricing, renewal date, and recurring charges. Use the blue buttons to initiate changes: Upgrade Plan, Purchase or Reduce Seats, Update payment settings.

Purchase Seats

For initial purchase, or to add more seat licenses:

  1. Go to the User Menu > Settings > Purchase Seats.
  2. Enter the number of licenses needed.
    • Purchase Details box confirms the product plan and number of licenses.
    • Proration and subtotal calculate in real time. See the Proration section below for more information.
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout and advance to Payment Settings.
  4. On the Payment Settings screen,
    • Initial purchase: enter all Billing Information, and edit Company Information if different.
    • Adding licenses: review current Billing Information. Click the Change button if any updates are needed.
    • Refer to the Payment Settings section below for additional help with this screen.
  5. Check the box to accept LiquidPlanner’s Terms of Service.
  6. If all required fields are entered, the Purchase button will activate (turn dark blue).
  7. Click Purchase and the next screen will display the order confirmation.

The credit card on file will be charged within 5 business days. A receipt will be sent to your billing contact within 5 business days. If we are unable to charge the credit card, we’ll notify the billing contact via email within 5 business days. Sales tax is added where applicable.

Upgrade Plan

Teams interested in upgrading may do so at any time. From the User Menu go to Settings > Billing and Purchasing > Upgrade Plan and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

The new plan takes effect immediately. When upgrading, you will be charged for the price per seat difference between the two plans. The new rate is prorated; it starts on the upgrade date and is calculated through the end of your current billing cycle.

If you have questions or need help upgrading, call us at 1-888-881-2561 or email To see what is offered by plan, please have a look at our feature guide.

Reduce Seats or Cancel

Seat count is not automatically reduced when members are disconnected. Remove seats before the start of the next billing cycle if no one will be invited to fill a vacant seat so you aren’t billed for licenses that aren’t being used.

The Billing Summary page has the renewal date and subscription term. The current billing cycle ends on the last day of the subscription term.

To reduce seats:

  1. Go to the User Menu > Settings > Billing Summary
  2. Click the Reduce Seats button
  3. Select the number of seats to remove
  4. Click Confirm.

A reduction in seat count takes effect at the start of the next billing cycle (renewal date).

To cancel subscription:

  1. Go to the User Menu > Settings > Billing Summary
  2. Click the Reduce Seats button
  3. Remove the total number of seats owned.
  4. Click Confirm.

Small Team workspace owners use the Cancel button on the Billing Summary page.

Removing all seats from the workspace cancels renewal and stops further billing. Members will still be able to access the workspace through the end of the current billing cycle. After the subscription term ends, only the workspace owner will be able to log in and view the project plan or export data from the workspace.


When purchasing seats, charges are prorated so you don’t pay for days in the billing cycle that have already passed. Billing begins on the purchase date.

Purchasing seats for the first time: With this initial purchase you will be billed for 11 full months, plus the number of days remaining in the purchase month. The renewal date is set to the first day of the purchase month.

Purchasing additional seats: The subscription term for new seat licenses is set to align with the end of your current billing cycle. You will be billed for the remaining months in the billing cycle, plus the number of days remaining in the purchase month. At renewal the new seats will be included in your total seat count.


When disconnecting members from the workspace, seat count is not automatically reduced. Be sure to reduce seat count before the start of the next billing cycle if no one will be invited to fill the vacant seat.



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