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Your LiquidPlanner workspace allows you to schedule projects and collaborate with team members in one central and secure online location.

System Requirements: LiquidPlanner is tested and supported on the latest versions of major web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer), running on major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Special plug-ins are not required. Flash is not required.

Localization: At this time, LiquidPlanner is available in English only.

Logging Into Your Workspace

Log into the workspace via the Sign In page, accessed via the blue Sign In button on any page of our corporate website We encourage you to save a browser bookmark to this page as well.

The Home Tab

Home is the first place you land when logging into LiquidPlanner. Here, you’ll be able to see what’s happening across your entire workspace so you can stay informed about work that’s important to you.

The Home tab displays an activity stream of recent updates and conversations from your workspace as well as widgets displaying your Recent Dashboards, Timesheet Review for managers, Time Tracking progress for you this week, a summary of the work you have Coming Up and of the work you completed Last Week.

  • Toggle between four activity streams to narrow down your focus and view the recent activity of most interest to you. All displays all recent updates and comments from across the workspace, Following displays recent updates and comments on items you follow, My Items displays recent updates and comments on items that you own and My Comments displays recent comments that are for you or from you.

My Work

My Work is the best place to focus in on your tasks and begin working as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here, you can view, edit and create tasks, checklist items, and to-do items without ever needing to navigate to another area of the workspace.

  • My Upcoming Tasks shows all active tasks that you own as well as any tasks owned by other workspace members with checklist items assigned to you. Tasks are listed here in Start Date order so you can easily see how your work is prioritized. Select which columns you want displayed in order to view and update the information most important to you. Click on the task name to open up the task’s edit panel and view more information on your plan items.
  • Create new tasks directly from My Work for a quick way to add tasks to the workspace without leaving the My Work tab.
  • The private To-Do List is a handy place to capture ideas, reminders, or even new work that needs to get into the project plan. To-Do List items can easily be converted into a task should they need to be included in a project or have time tracked to them.


The Timesheets tab is where you can view and update your past and current logged progress. This is also where managers will go to review and approve their team members’ timesheets or export time tracking data.

  • Use My Timesheet to log your progress, review and edit past timesheet entries, and submit your timesheet to your manager. From this tab you can also start and stop timers and click on a task name to open the edit panel and update your task or see more information.
  • Managers will also come here to navigate to Review Timesheets and Export Timesheets. Only workspace members with Manager level access and above will see these options and be able to review other workspace members’ timesheets.

The Projects Tab

This is where all the planning and scheduling action happens in LiquidPlanner. The default view on the Projects tab is the Timeline View.

  • The Project plan consists of projects, sub-folders, packages and tasks. Any of these may be referred to as “plan items”. Projects, sub-folders and packages are also considered “containers“, since other plan items can live within them. Learn how to pull this all together in our Creating Project Plans help article.
  • Single-click on the name of a plan item or in one of the display Personal Columns to edit a plan item’s attributes using in-line editing.
  • Double-click on a plan item to open its Edit Panel, where you can add detail, comments, notes, documents, links and more.
  • Filters allow you to zero in on just specific sets of data that are relevant to you at any point in time. Learn all about filtering in our Filters help article.
  • LiquidPlanner schedule bars show a range of probable start and finish dates for each plan item. You can easily see and manage the uncertainty in your project. Learn about priority-based scheduling and managing uncertainty in our Key Concepts articles. For a more in-depth discussion of our project management philosophy, check out our LiquidPlanner Methodology articles.

The People Tab

This is where you can see every member of the workspace including Virtual Members and Portal Guests:

  • Click Download Member List to export the member list as a CSV file.
  • Click Invite Members or Add+ to invite new members into the workspace or create new Virtual Members.
  • Click Filter to filter the list by team and check boxes to Show Disconnected Members and Show Virtual Members.
  • Click on a member name to access their Profile. Workspace owners and Administrators can make limited edits to member profiles.

The Dashboards Tab

Dashboards let you and your project stakeholders see real-time status- instantly providing critical details without causing information overload. Create dashboards to track project completion, update stakeholders, or to manage your own work. Share dashboards with workspace members and external collaborators. For ideas and inspiration visit the Dashboard Gallery. Dashboards are available to Professional and Enterprise customers. Any workspace member can use this feature.

  • Use dashboard widgets to present an overview of the data and metrics you’d like to share. Widgets include notes, comments documents, images, tables, charts and intake forms to submitting projects or tasks into the workspace.
  • A dashboard will be kept private until you share it, except for Project Dashboards which are automatically shared with the Project Team. Once a dashboard is shared, all explicitly selected people and all workspace administrators will be able to view the Dashboard.
  • Manage Dashboard Guests in the administration area on this tab.

The Analytics Tab

LiquidPlanner Analytics is a feature that is available to Professional and Enterprise customers with Manager level access or above. Managers and workspace administrators can build custom reports to gather valuable metrics about projects and resources. Read our dedicated Custom Report Builder article for full detail.

The Learn Tab

Access our Knowledge Base articles, walk through a learning pathway, or contact us. It’s all at your fingertips here on the Learn tab:

The User Menu

The User Menu can be opened from any tab in LiquidPlanner and has links to all workspace administrative functions including Workspace Settings. Depending on your access level, some of these functions within Settings may not be available to you. The Workspace Details presented here are also filtered based on your access level.

The User Menu is also where to access your Personal Profile Settings and your Personal Notifications Settings.

Switch Between Multiple Workspaces

To switch between multiple workspaces or dashboards, click on User Menu > Workspace Directory.

From the Workspace Directory you can enter all workspaces, External Dashboards, or Project Portals you’ve been given access to. You can also start a new Dashboard or start a new trial workspace.

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