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How Engineering Teams Build Plans They Can Trust | eBook

How Engineering Teams Build Plans They Can Trust

The Project Leader’s Guide to Adapt to Change & Manage Uncertainty

Companies need to be more flexible than ever, ready to adapt in fast-paced environments and seize new opportunities. That may be our new norm, but research shows that 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the last year. Why? When priorities and work are constantly changing, we all know that it’s hard to keep your entire portfolio of projects up-to-date.

Download Your eBook For Engineering Best Practices to Manage Project Uncertainty

When priorities and work are constantly changing, so should your engineering project plans.  Download this eBook to better managing uncertainty.

Did you know that only 16% of people say that they always hit their deadlines? (, 2020). Engineering teams who use best-in-class practices such as lean and scrum often cite they aren’t enough to ensure proper resource allocation and time management practices. 

Some of the common problems engineering companies face in delivering projects on time and within budget include:

  1. Identifying and managing dependencies between teams
  2. Improper resource allocation
  3. Difficulty estimating time to complete new projects
  4. Trouble shifting priorities quickly and efficiently
  5. Delayed or inaccurate progress reporting
  6. Inability to gain insight into schedule & budget risks before it’s too late

Do these common project management problems sound familiar? Without robust software to estimate work accurately and manage the inevitable uncertainty and scope changes, deadlines are missed more often than not. 

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