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Latest Release | Total Row & API Time Tracking

Total Row in Reporting and API Time Tracking

Latest Release | April 24, 2024

This release includes a few new updates for reporting and the API. The new Total Row for Table Reports and Dashboard List Widgets makes it easier to view a summary of your data and saves the effort of creating downloads that have to be manipulated and shared outside the workspace. An exciting update for API users is the new functionality for Logging Progress and updating task assignments through the API.

NEW! Total Row in Table Reports and List Widgets

Total Row in Table Report

Total Row is an optional row that can be added to each of the Table Report and List Widget types. In a report, use the Design button to access report settings and check the box to Show Totals. Total Row adds up counts, hours, numerical and currency fields, displaying totals for each column at the bottom of the report. Percentages are calculated (not summed).

When the total row is shown, helper text at the top of the report shows the number of rows being displayed. The display limit for a report is 300 rows. Totals are calculated from all report rows, including those that are beyond the display limit. Download the report to view all rows.

Total Row in the List Widget

Total Row in List Widget

On the dashboard, use the gear icon to open widget settings and check the box to Show Totals. When the total row is shown in a list widget, the preview on the dashboard has totals for the entire data set. To view all rows and columns, select the preview to open the Expanded Grid View on the Dashboard.

Total Row for Currency and Numeric Custom Data Fields

Total Row in Custom Data Field

A new setting in Currency and Numeric custom data fields allows you to choose whether or not their values should be totaled in reports and list widgets. Org Admins and Workspace Managers can update existing fields by going to Custom Data Fields under Administration in the left-side navigation.

NEW! API Log Time Functionality

Users can now log time using the API. This functionality introduces the following workflows:

The API Guide for LiquidPlanner New has everything you need to get started.

Updated: Bulk Edit for People

The People List Widget Expanded Grid View on Dashboards now has bulk editing functionality. Org Admin access level is required to edit Member usernames. Org Admins and Workspace Managers can edit Resource and Placeholder properties. To learn more visit the People List Widget lesson.

New! On Hold Hours

On Hold hours are now presented in the Work Metrics table on the Edit Panel Properties tab. Previously, when an item was on hold, the only indication about the number of hours involved was on the Task Edit Panel Assignment and there was no way to surface the information anywhere else.

The On Hold column is now available in the column selectors in Priority and Grid Views, Table Reports and List Widgets.


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