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The Home Tab | LP Classic Support | LiquidPlanner

Classic Product Support

This is the help center for LiquidPlanner CLASSIC.

For help with LiquidPlanner NEW, please go to the New LP Academy & Support Center

The Home Tab | LP Classic Support

Home is the first place you land when you log into LiquidPlanner. Here, you’ll be able to see what’s happening across your entire workspace.

The Activity Stream

The activity stream allows you to focus on the updates and conversations that you care about. This stream displays the item that has been most recently updated at the top. Use the toggles above the activity stream to narrow down your focus to the activity of most interest to you.

  • All – View recent updates (Items marked Done, Added Notes, Add Documents, etc.) and comments across the workspace
  • Following – recent updates and comments on items that you are following (including items within containers that you follow)
  • My Items – recent updates and comments on items that you own
  • My Comments – recent comments that are for you or from you

Clicking the name of a plan item will open that item’s edit panel.

Home Tab Widgets

The display order of the widgets can be rearranged by clicking on the widget headers and dragging and dropping them into your preferred order, allowing you to easily access what’s most important to you.

My Recent Dashboards

This widget lets you jump right to the dashboards you’ve viewed most recently.

Timesheet Review

Managers have access to a widget that allows them to easily monitor timesheet submission.  Choose members or teams to appear in this widget. As soon as a member submits their timesheet and it is ready for review and approval, the status of their timesheet will change to “Ready”.

Time Trackingcoming up widgets

This widget shows a histogram of the hours you’ve logged this week.  Click on the widget to jump to your timesheet.

Coming Up

The counts in this widget tell you how many active tasks and checklist items you have in the next week. You can also easily jump to My Work and the My Calendar view from here.

Last Week

The counts in this widget tell you how many tasks you make done in the last week, as well as how many hours you logged last week.  You can also view your Personal Status Report for a more in-depth view of the work you’ve completed and have left to do.