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5 Best Practices to Manage Resources Effectively

Tatyana Sussex | October 7, 2015

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There’s no way to bring a project in on budget and deadline if you don’t have a way to allocate, track and manage your resources. And as many of you already know, capacity planning and future forecasting are key skills for managing successful projects. It’s not fun (or career enhancing) telling customers and stakeholders that you’ve blown through their budget, that your team will deliver late, and that some of the features you agreed upon won’t happen because you don’t have enough resources to finish the original requirements list.

When you work on large projects with a lot at stake and many different teams involved, it feels impossible to stay on top of the superhighways of resources. Especially when the odds aren’t promising. According to various studies, approximately 50 percent of all IT projects finish late and go over budget.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right skills and tools, you can integrate resource management into your process of planning and scheduling projects.

To get on the right side of the resource management equation, read our white paper, 5 Best Practices to Manage Resources Effectively. Download it now!

Tatyana Sussex coaches entrepreneurs and professionals who are launching a business or reinventing their careers–in short, she guides people through the process of creating something new. She specializes in messaging coaching for entrepreneurs who want to develop their brand, voice and professional presence, get their story into the world and connect with the right people.

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