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Ask A PM: How to Convince My Team to Use Time Tracking

Dear Elizabeth: I’m trying to implement time tracking with my team. The most difficult aspect is changing people’s perception and getting buy in to do the timesheets. In the past, managing and reporting time was never required, but our company has moved on in project management maturity and in the work we do. Now we...

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5 Time Tracking Myths Debunked

No value, employee burnout, waste of time. Project management expert Elizabeth Harrin has heard it all before. But, timesheets aren't as painful as they used to be, she argues. In this post, Harrin breaks down the...

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Time Tracking Woes? Blame Your Tool, Not Your Team

If you’ve sang the praises of time tracking but your team isn’t listening, it may be time to dig deeper to get to the bottom of the issue. Read on to understand how your tools and processes could be holding your team back and what you can do to fix the problem....

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The Real Story Behind Why Your Organization Wants You to Track Time

  For organizations that track time, there’s always going to be some resistance—or at least questions about it. Even if nobody says it out loud, I’ll bet your employees are at least wondering: “Why on earth is my company making me track time?” It’s easy to feel like tracking time is a way for leadership...

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5 Ways to Use Time Tracking to Get Ahead in Your Career

Time is a precious commodity. Many of us struggle to make the most of it—especially when work demands are fast-moving and ever-changing. But when you have a clear understanding of where and how your time is being spent, you have a better chance of working to your full potential and making a meaningful impact on...

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Why Ranged Estimates Are More Effective Than Single Point Estimates

In project management, the only thing you can be sure of is uncertainty. And change. This is why making ranged estimates for your projects is more realistic and reliable than aiming for a singular deadline. Why? Let’s start with a real-world example We use ranged estimates all the time in daily life. For example, if...

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How to Motivate Your Team to Track Time

Does your team groan when they hear the words “track time”? Is it an activity that everyone on your team tends to duck and dodge and you’re on a repeat loop every week reminding people do fill in their time sheets? It’s no secret that there’s a lot of resistance around tracking time among team...

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Advice for Project Managers: Keeping Secrets From Clients and Time Tracking Woes

Dear Elizabeth: My team manager is on a rampage to have us all log and track time. Part of me understands why but another part of me feels like Big Brother is watching. Is there a better way I can look at tracking my time—like, ways it can work for me? –Resisting in Roswell Dear...

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How LiquidPlanner Motivates Team Members to Track Time

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin “I just can’t wait to fill in my timesheet!” – Nobody, ever. Time is one of your most precious commodities. And for projects that are driven by schedules and budgets, project managers and team leaders need to know how and where everyone is spending their work hours. In order...

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Why Ranged Estimations Are Good for Projects

When it comes to managing technical projects, you already know this: The only thing you can be sure of is uncertainty. Your project will undoubtedly take a few twists and turns on the way to delivery. And who knows what other sudden needs or emergencies will pop up to divert your attention from the project...

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5 Time Management Myths

The French sculptor Auguste Rodin once said, “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” That may be, but the reality of the work world is that your time is a critical resource that must be used efficiently for greatest success. With the amount of press that the concept of improving...

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3 Reasons Why Your Timesheet Can Get You a Promotion

Most project managers are obsessed with data. They need to be, in order to drive their projects successfully and make accurate schedules and delivery dates. Data can be collected in different ways, but project managers often rely on their project contributors to submit their timesheets, which provide the data they hold so dear. The problem...

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