Industry 4.0

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PMI Report: The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Project Management

We dive into the latest report from the Project Management Institute: Next Practices: Maximizing the Benefits of Disruptive Technologies on Projects....

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Manufacturing in the Cloud—Why Now?

Manufacturers are moving to the cloud… finally. But that leaves the question of why they’re moving to the cloud, or rather, why now?...

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Why Manufacturers are Switching to the Cloud

The 2017 State of Manufacturing Technology says that“90% of respondents are using cloud-based productivity applications, double the number in 2016.”...

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How Big Data Can Give Project Managers The Edge In Manufacturing

If you're a project manager with big data skills and knowledge, the manufacturing industry wants to talk to you....

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Summer 2017 Reading for Project Managers

If your weekend plans look anything like mine, you'll be reading. A lot. My favorite thing to do on a warm Saturday afternoon is stretch out on the hammock with a good book in-hand. These five books are heavy on the storytelling, light on the jargon, and full of lessons and research we can apply to our personal and work lives....

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Industry 4.0 Series: AI, IoT, and the Future of Manufacturing

Once the stuff of science fiction, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) carrying out tasks that only humans could previously achieve has become a reality....

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How Manufacturers Can Gain Competitive Advantage Through Servitization

In a fiercely competitive global market, manufacturers' product margins face increasing pressure, forcing them to look for ways to differentiate their businesses. Many are going down the servitization route, a digital transformation that enables them to provide services and solutions that supplement their traditional product offerings....

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Industry 4.0 Series | 3D Printing in Manufacturing: Three Sectors to Watch

There’s much more to 3D printers than plastic trinkets. The industrial market for 3D printing has been heating up, with manufacturers exploring new ways to capitalize on additive manufacturing’s latest technologies. Here are three sectors to watch....

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Industry 4.0 Series: Preparing for the Rise of Collaborative Robots

There’s a new wave of robots on the horizon. They’re smarter, safer, and cheaper than earlier models. And, they’re going to have a major impact on manufacturing for years to come....

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4 Strategies to Prepare for Industry 4.0

Robots operating autonomously on factory lines, drones delivering packages to doorsteps, 3D printed organs working alongside our own. Just 15 years ago, these ideas may have sounded like plot lines out of a sci-fi novel. Today, they’re in the news. It’s evident that we’re on the precipice of something big. Industry 4.0, the term being...

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7 Signs You Don’t Have the Right Project Management Tool for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Adapt or perish,” said H.G. Wells, the father of science fiction. Some of us know all too well how right-on this quote is to succeeding in business these days—especially when it comes to staying competitive in what’s being called the  Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s an exciting time and a challenging time. Advanced technology, like in...

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How to Succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Many organizations and their teams aren’t prepared for the future. We’re talking about a future that’s being heralded as the Fourth Industrial Revolution: an exciting time where technology-meets-manufacturing to change the way we work and live. Every industrial revolution throws the incumbent modes of productivity into turmoil. Take the First Industrial Revolution for example. The...

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