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How to Use Agile Project Management to Deliver Results Every Time

Imagine you are remodeling your kitchen. You submit your design to your contractor, and in a couple of months of planning and hard work, you have a remodeled kitchen. But after a week of using this kitchen, you decide that you want more drawers. To remove a cupboard and replace it with drawers at this...

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Seven Future Trends in Project Management

In this milestone 50th year for the Project Management Institute it’s natural to want to look back at the significant trends have shaped the project management profession over the last five decades, namely globalization of the discipline, and the explosion of methods, techniques and practices being applied to projects. Looking ahead, new trends continue to...

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Ask a PM: How to Tell a Client You’re Behind on the Project You Just Took Over

Dear Elizabeth: I have taken on an in-flight project. We’re about halfway through, and I think we need to make changes to the schedule. Specifically, we need more time. The client has already signed off on the original deadlines, and I don’t think they will take the news well. How can I break it to...

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A Project Manager is a Superhero (or, their Mild-Mannered Alter Ego)

There are many ways to be a project manager, and none of them are "super". The experienced project manager needs to have a variety of tools to manage a variety of situations....

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Three Real Agile Team Challenges and How to Solve Them

Agile means a lot of different things to different project teams. Fortunately, there are 3 approaches to overcome some very real-world challenges....

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Seven Ways to Sell Agile to Project Stakeholders

Find out how to sell agile project management to your stakeholders and your organization....

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Project Management Challenge: Teams Are Using Different Methodologies

Using a gantt chart and burndown chart? Working between waterfall and agile? See how deciding one methodology can help your organization....

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5 Reasons Why Using Spreadsheets is a Horrible Way to Manage Projects

Learn why using spreadsheets to manage your projects could be affecting the overall outcome of your work....

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4 Ways LiquidPlanner Is A Smarter Gantt Chart Tool

The Gantt Chart has been around for a long time. Learn how LiquidPlanner's Gantt Charts are smarter than any other Gantt Chart you've ever used....

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Zapier Integration: How to Go from Requirements to Project Schedule in a Zap

Learn how to use the Zapier and LiquidPlanner integration to quickly organize projects, synthesize your to-do lists, and format your project schedule in a zap....

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Using Agile Practices to Improve Business Customer Relationships

The relationship between IT and business teams is easily strained. Adding Agile practices introduces a new way to work together as a team. Andy Makar walks through two examples from past projects....

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4 Trends That Will Transform Project Management

Remote work, generational shifts, artificial intelligence, and changes within the project management field are going to change PM. Here's how to prepare....

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