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Uniting the Multigenerational Workforce

Employers understand the importance of diversity in the workforce and with many organizations now employing five or six generations of employees, they have ready access to a diverse pool of mature and emerging talent that can bring enormous benefits to the business. However, this can also create challenges. How do employers motivate and engage multiple...

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Five Ways to Identify Your Personal Strengths and Apply Them to Project Work

Does your job leverage your natural strengths? If you’re doing work that doesn’t tap into your greatest strengths, your performance and motivation will suffer along with your career. In contrast, when you’re aligned with your talents and interests, you gain a wellspring of confidence and expertise, and you do great work with a sense of...

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How to Deal with a Disconnect Between Teams

I once worked as a business development manager for a startup. As someone who was responsible for new projects, I was very much client facing and interacted with many different departments to ensure project success. One of these departments was the software development team. The developers spoke a different language. Whenever we had conversations, they...

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Ask a PM: How to Manage Dependencies and Assess Risks

Dear Elizabeth: The project I am working on is quite complex. Our work overlaps with that of other teams, plus there are a few things in the business that might have an impact on what we are doing. Some of these dependencies might have significant impacts on the project. How do you recommend managing dependencies...

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Three Real Agile Team Challenges and How to Solve Them

Agile means a lot of different things to different project teams. Fortunately, there are 3 approaches to overcome some very real-world challenges....

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So, You Inherited a Failing Project…Here’s What to Do Next

If you've inherited a sinking ship of a project, do you scrap it or try to fix it? Learn how to decide and the five steps you should take to right the ship....

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Remote Work Requires a Change in Mindset

Working in a remote team is different to working with the same people in an office environment. It requires a change in how you think about work and how you think about sharing your work with other people....

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How to Be a Great Leader

Here’s an interesting problem in today's business world: One of the most indispensable skills for career advancement as well as for delivering successful projects is rarely taught at the university level....

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The Five Truths of Project Leadership

Many people believe that leadership is positional—it’s tied to the person that’s calling the shots. In reality, leadership on most projects and programs is informal. Project team members each have the opportunity to exert leadership during the course of the project...

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Ask a Project Manager: My Client Missed Their Deadline…Again!

How do you keep a project on-track when your client keeps missing their deadlines? PM expert Elizabeth Harrin offers her tips for keeping clients in-check (without being a jerk)....

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Here’s How to Finish Your Year Strong

With the holiday season coming into view, it’s tempting to take your foot off the gas and cruise towards the year’s end. Don’t. Instead, use these strategies to set yourself up for success in the new year....

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Agile Team Transitions Are Not Always Textbook

If you are implementing Agile practices in your organization, you likely recognize it isn’t a textbook transition. Transitioning to an Agile team is a change in mindset, team organization, and the team’s culture....

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