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A Happier, More Productive Way to Work: LiquidPlanner @Work Is Almost Here!


Happiness matters at work—on a number of levels. Study after study links employee well-being to increased productivity, more effective collaborations, higher creativity, and quality of work. For example, a recent University of Warwick study found that happiness created a 12% increase in productivity; a Gallop poll discovered that engaged employees were two times more productive than those who didn’t like their jobs. Part of this reason is simple: The brain works better when it’s feeling positive.

These are just some of the reasons why we want to help teams have the best working experience possible. On August 8, we’re excited to be releasing LiquidPlanner @Work, a bold redesign that makes it easier than ever to be productive and plan projects efficiently in your workspace.

We realize that as much as you might love your job (and we hope you do), work can be a challenging place. There are shifting deadlines and demands; undulating stresses and unexpected surprises. We expect that, of course, but the right project management tool can help you thrive when you’re navigating your way through the liveliest of projects.

LiquidPlanner @Work’s beautiful redesign and updated user interface were inspired by a six-month customer research project that looked at how we could improve our customers’ engagement, productivity, and overall enjoyment levels. We considered all the ways external factors (design, UI) helps drive intrinsic motivation, which is connected to job satisfaction.

LiquidPlanner @Work is our way of supporting our customers’ happiness because doing work in a great-looking environment, with quick access to the features you use the most makes a difference in how you feel about your job and the quality of work you do.

In last week’s blog we introduced you to the What and Why of LiquidPlanner @Work, gave tips on how to get your team ready, and provided a sneak peek of what’s to come. Here’s another peek at what to expect when you sign in to your workspace starting August 8.

New Daily Digest

LiquidPlanner @Work will transform your daily Notifications into a more meaningful daily email, the Daily Digest. While receiving a list of prioritized daily tasks is helpful, we discovered something more valuable: Team members want to see their day’s work and most urgent requests in context and then take immediate action.

We know that most people check their email first thing in the morning. To optimize this common practice, the Daily Digest was designed to give people a focused view of their day’s priorities and where they stand—and then provide instant access into the workspace to get moving on things. The Digest also provides some helpful reminders; if you kept your timer running overnight, or forgot to submit your timesheet, you’ll know.

liquidplanner @work daily digest

Tracking time gets easier and more accessible

Tracking time is an essential part of using LiquidPlanner effectively. Without accurate time tracking data, teams can’t generate realistic project plans and schedules. If you’re managing a team that isn’t consistent with logging time, then you’re not going to get the project data you need to make smart decisions and manage resources accurately. And if you’re a team member, you might get so caught up moving from task to task that you simply forget to start the timer—and then it’s Friday. So what’s the best solution?

Teams need a low-friction way to track time, a process that’s as easy and effortless as possible. And since time tracking is more relevant when it’s in context, we placed the timer in more areas of the workspace. This makes it a virtual no-brainer when you can click a timer as you move from project items throughout the workspace.

LiquidPlanner @Work will release on Saturday, August 8

We’re just days away from our release. It’s not too late to get your team ready or remind them of what to expect when they come to work on Monday (and prep those who work weekends). Stay tuned for the full rundown on LiquidPlanner @Work next week on the blog.


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