Infographic: How Estimation Can Be Applied to Really Important Tasks–Like Holiday Dinner!

Tatyana Sussex | November 27, 2013

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Turkeys—like some projects—are famous for not being done on time.  So this year, instead of having a bunch of hungry stragglers gather in your kitchen waiting for the bird to cook, try something else. Make ranged estimates of your dinner’s completion time.

Estimating in best/worst case scenarios is one of our founding principles and differentiators here at LiquidPlanner. And while many of you are already sold on building out projects based on two-point estimates, do you ever consider applying this practice outside of work? To illustrate the practical wisdom of ranged estimates, let’s turn the show over to Laura and Marcy—and let their experience do the talking. Gobble gobble!

Infographic: How Estimation Can Make or Break Your Holiday Dinner. An infographic by the team at LiquidPlanner.

If you’d like to learn more about how to perfect your own art and science of estimating projects, download our eBook, 6 Best Practices for Accurate Project Estimates.


Six best practices for project estimation

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