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Infographic: Agile vs. Waterfall--Which Project Management Style Is Right for You?

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Infographic: Agile vs. Waterfall–Which Project Management Style Is Right for You?

For technology projects, your methodology can make or break the bank. While Agile and its fast-moving sprints, user stories and automated testing is a favorite among dev teams, Waterfall is still a better process for plenty of IT shops, especially teams that work on ERP implementations, COTS packages, ASP tools and custom development.

Bottom line: Trends are great; being responsive matters, but choosing a methodology that fits your projects and delivers the best results is crucial. If you’re stuck in the middle of choosing between Agile and Waterfall, here’s a visual guide to help you find the right methodology for your team.

Agile vs waterfall


If you finding yourself leaning toward Agile, and would like to further develop how your team and organization builds out this efficient approach, download our eBook, Agile for Everyone

Agile for Everyone

Agile vs. Waterfall: Which Project Management Style Is Right for You? An infographic by the team at LiquidPlanner

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