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And the Wavie Winners Are…

wavie awards

The inaugural 2015 Wavie Award winners are in!

Our customers accomplish amazing things every day, and we’re so proud that they have selected LiquidPlanner as a key technology to help them plan, organize, and ultimately deliver great work. As a way to recognize and share their success with others, we’re thrilled to launch the first LiquidPlanner Wavie Awards. The goal of this award program is to recognize a handful of LiquidPlanner customers that are not only making waves within their industry but are also true LiquidPlanner power users.

Before we get to the inaugural list of 2015 LiquidPlanner Wavie winners, let’s quickly touch on the overall process. First, we created an internal group of judges which consisted of members from marketing, sales, customer success, engineering, and our leadership team to lead the search and evaluate winners for each Wavie category.

This group received an initial list of more than 1,200 possible winners and narrowed it down to just 10 candidates across five categories. From there, the judges carefully reviewed and evaluated each deployment, paying specific attention to key success factors like speed of deployment, communication and collaboration, the use of data and analytics to drive business, and the use of forward-thinking project management methodologies, like agile and ranged estimation.

In the end, the judges selected five winners, each of whom embodied the very example of how to use LiquidPlanner to drive their businesses forward.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Category and Winner:

Big Risk, Bigger Reward

The Big Risk, Bigger Reward Wavie recognizes the team that ditched conventional tools and legacy processes in favor of using LiquidPlanner—a solution that helps reward teams with decreased meetings and emails, and increased collaboration and productivity!

And the winner is…

Cascade Microtechcascade microtech – As the worldwide leader in design, development, and manufacture of advanced wafer probing solutions, Cascade Microtech needed an innovative project management solution. Team leaders saw the value in LiquidPlanner early on and jumped right in to learn the capabilities inside and out – there is no feature they haven’t thoroughly investigated or use!

In just one year, Cascade Microtech has successfully onboarded more than 150 team members, even recently taking a trip to Germany to train new employees on LiquidPlanner. Cascade Microtech took a risk by standardizing their large team on LiquidPlanner, and we congratulate them on winning this award!

Best Collaborative Culture

The Best Collaborative Culture Wavie recognizes the team that best uses LiquidPlanner to harness the power of collaboration to drive work forward. This award goes to the group that embodies teamwork and proves it through an abundance of in-app comments, tags and shared dashboards

And the winner is…


Traffika – A digital business generation firm, the company helps medium and large organizations with high growth optimize their business by offering SEO, content marketing, data analytics, social media, PPC and more.

Traffika believes in the power of communicating via LiquidPlanner. In fact, they are pioneering a new way to work that we aspire to follow – the reduction and eventual elimination of email when collaborating on project work! They are working hard to implement such a rule and as such use comments (they have over 5,000!) and tags (more than 115) to stay connected and provide status updates across their team within LiquidPlanner.

As a full-service agency, effective collaboration can make or break project success. By embracing LiquidPlanner’s powerful collaboration tools, Traffika has created one of the best collaborative cultures we’ve seen. Congratulations!

Most Dramatic Business Impact

The Most Dramatic Business Impact Wavie recognizes the team that has used LiquidPlanner to help make a transformative impact on their business—so much so that they consider LiquidPlanner a cornerstone of their success.

And the winner is…


Redapt – For more than 20 years, Redapt, Inc. has provided clients with data center infrastructure, advanced cloud engineering, and application development services. This fast-moving technology team needed a sophisticated yet light-weight tool to keep their large, high profile projects organized.

Started by two brothers with just $500, Redapt is on pace to reach nearly $600 million in revenue in 2015 and counts some of the world’s most recognizable services, apps, software-as-a-service companies, and mobile games as customers. Redapt credits LiquidPlanner with helping them keep ahead of the curve and we love that they trust us to deliver. Cheers to their terrific success!

Best Use of Data for Decision Making

The Best Use of Data for Decision Making Wavie recognizes the team that has uncovered key business insights and demonstrated incredible value by using LiquidPlanner dashboards, reports, and analytics.

And the winner is…


Comprend – Combining communications knowledge with digital expertise, Comprend supports clients around the world by providing corporate communications such as websites, content, CSR consultancy and more.

When priorities and available resources change, multi-team and cross-channel projects can easily run late and over budget. Comprend uses LiquidPlanner reports and dashboards to help make business decisions and report status to stakeholders, which keeps everyone informed and deeply connected to each project.

With some of the most saved reports and best LiquidPlanner dashboard usage to-date, Comprend is a clear winner for this award. We applaud Comprend’s use of LiquidPlanner data to help make informed decisions!

Takin’ Care of Business Champion

The TCB Champion Wavie is for the team that rolled up their sleeves, dove into LiquidPlanner and used it to absolutely crush their work. This company has demonstrated that they are taking care of business with the most tasks completed, the most time tracked, and the most created to-do lists and ultimately, the most projects delivered.

And the winner is…


ETEL Limited – As a long-established designer and manufacturer of distribution transformers, ETEL has achieved high growth and notable success in their near 60 years of global business.

From the time they started a LiquidPlanner trial to having full blow adoption and execution, ETEL wasted no time at all! In less than one year, ETEL went from zero to 600+ projects with 6,500 tasks, some 20,000 timesheet entries, and nearly 1,000 checklist items! ETEL is clearly takin’ care of business with LiquidPlanner, and we applaud your efficiency!

Congratulations to each of the winners listed above, and thank you for choosing LiquidPlanner as your work and project management tool of choice. We’re thrilled that you are finding success – it motivates us to build the very best product we can.

Until next year, bravo to our winners!


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