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How to Lead Multiple Projects and Teams

Many project managers cut their teeth by successfully managing a series of single projects. After showing such competence, the real test comes when they take on a portfolio of two, three or more projects to manage simultaneously. That challenge separates the project managers from the true leaders.   When that leadership test arrives, you’ll have...

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June 2013 Release: Meet Our New Baseline and Retrospective Views

The theme of our June 2013 release is looking back in time. We’re particularly excited about this update because these changes were inspired by our most popular customer request: “Give us baselines!”   Previously, our schedule bars only showed a project’s current and future status. Now, our scheduler gives you a retrospective view of your...

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Q & A: How Project Management Coaching Makes Better Leaders

Most of us want to get better at our jobs – to do meaningful work, gain influence and achieve recognition. But what happens when you’re stuck – and all the courses, seminars and certificates still don’t get you to where you want to be? Enter coaching – a way to dive deeper into the one...

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How to Create a Sense of Urgency with Your Team

Is your team afflicted by too much talk, not enough action? Or perhaps your team suffers from paralysis by analysis, and can’t seem to bring their plan into being. It’s a situation many teams and their leaders get caught in. And the solution is not to hold another meeting. As management guru and forefather, Peter...

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How to Get Your Team to Adopt New Tools

It’s a common struggle among project managers: getting team members to use new technology tools. As a result, implementation of new project management software tools often fails. So here are two points to consider if you’re planning to introduce new software tools to your organization: Why business software implementations fail Best practices for team adoption...

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4 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

A long-time client vented recently over a new mandate from a new (and distant) corporate parent: Office space, pricey in Silicon Valley, would be for engineers. Marketing folks would work remotely from home offices. It’s a perfectly sensible financial decision for the company, but the underlying judgment that engineers are prioritized for face-to-face collaboration rankled...

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Selling Social Project Management

Social project management is a non-traditional approach to integrating both team management and project portfolio management.  In this approach team members share in the stewardship of the plan and control is less centralized. I wrote a previous post called The 5 Laws of Social Project Management and now I want to go deeper into selling the...

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Top 5 Things You Can Do With the Teams Feature in LiquidPlanner

Here at LiquidPlanner, we like to think of project management as a team effort, not just a job for one individual. Once the team is fully connected and given the right tools, there’s no limit to the kind of productivity that can be unleashed! I was thinking about this the other day at my desk,...

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Oh, Canada! PMI Global Congress 2012 Recap

As I write this blog post, I’m sitting in my sweatpants, surrounded by Emergen-C laced water, peppermint tea, a roll of toilet paper masquerading as a box of tissues, and ice cream. Yes, I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is a 12 hour long nap (just kidding, boss!). But you know what? Getting...

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