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Feeling Stuck? LiquidPlanner Can Help

We are excited to announce the release of the updated in-app Help Tab. LiquidPlanner users will now have access to updated help features for onboarding, projects, and more.

With our latest update, users who access the Help Tab will experience an interactive and more straightforward way to go through multiple workspace tasks. In addition, they keep track of their progress with the convenient checklist format!

Read on to discover all the exciting new sections.

Knowledge Base

Looking for an answer to a specific problem? Browse the hundreds of help articles available in the LiquidPlanner Knowledge Base with the convenient new “search” bar, located at the top of each user’s Help tab.

Don’t see the solution you need? The LiquidPlanner Support team is one click away to solve all of your unique problems.

Get to Know Us

A great starting point for new users, the “Get to Know LiquidPlanner” section outlines the base of how to build a great workspace. Read to learn pro tips like: set or change your availability to ensure your project estimates are always accurate.

Sample Project

Look here for all the project tips and tricks from LiquidPlanner experts! From creating a package to mastering virtual team members, the Sample Project feature allows users to experiment with the extensive tools that come with the LiquidPlanner app.

Multiple Projects

Never fear, multitasker. LiquidPlanner allows users to prioritize their own work when there are overlapping projects. You should be able to do work in the order you want—these articles will show you how to do just that.

Advanced Scheduling

Dependencies, deadlines, day-long events… these are all factors that affect user’s workflow in LiquidPlanner. This section helps ensure the most accurate information is evaluated, and therefore the best plans are created.

Data Customization

One of the most powerful assets LiquidPlanner offers its users is its reporting capability. To maximize the data you are able to display, this section guides you through best metric identification and report generation options.

Not a LiquidPlanner customer? If you’re looking for ways to get better visibility into your projects and their performance, try us out! Start a free trial today.


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