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Meet the LiquidPlanner Ambassador of Greenland: Kristian Sørensen, IT Management Nuuk | LiquidPlanner

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Meet the LiquidPlanner Ambassador of Greenland: Kristian Sørensen, IT Management Nuuk

We’ve known Kristian Sørensen for a few years now, and as the Official LiquidPlanner Ambassador for Greenland (at least that’s what we call him) and an overall swell guy, we thought it would be fun to shine a light on how he manages his unique projects. Here are 7 fun facts about Kristian:

1. Before his current position, Kristian held an internal government position as the head of IT for healthcare. At first he was managing 300 separate issues, then the number quickly grew to 500 and became overwhelming. He tried to manage them in a spreadsheet, but that became unwieldy. Version control was a huge problem, with many different people accessing and updating the spreadsheet and then sending different versions around via email. He needed a tool that would easily show growth against the budget, allowing him to report back to his senior managers on progress.

2. Greenland is faced with a unique set of IT challenges. The country is vast and sparsely populated — only 55,000 inhabitants in a country that’s roughly the size of Europe. IT systems must be designed to serve these remote populations without a lot of staff to manage problems that arise.

3. He didn’t like LiquidPlanner at first. It’s true: Kristian wasn’t our #1 fan in the beginning. He felt like LP was more than he needed. However, he wanted more insight into prioritization than was provided by Microsoft Project, so once he looked closer, he found that he really liked LiquidPlanner’s ability to automatically change the timeline for a project when a certain dependency was altered.

4. He fell in love with LiquidPlanner while he was falling out of love with his job.  Kristian ultimately decided to start his own business, and decided to use LP  from Day One at his own consultancy:  IT Management, Nuuk. He started his IT consultancy firm in January 2011, and now has five consultants working with him to serve both the private and public sector. He has quickly grown from five to ten clients and now often manages more than thirteen projects at one time.

5. The projects that Kristian manages vary hugely in scope and type. One project might be a 40 hour job, while another  might take more than 1,000 hours to complete. In addition, one might be fixing a complex technical problem, while another is providing a fully detailed proposal and budget.

6. He has come to depend on LiquidPlanner to provide him with a deep level of insight into each of his projects. LiquidPlanner shows him the full scope of work and how much time is estimated for each consultant. He knows exactly where they are spending their time and can ensure each is fully utilized, but not over-extended. “It’s so great for me, as a manager, to know what’s in the pipeline and to feel confident we have the right resources available to deliver a stellar end result for each one of our customers,” says Kristian.

7. Kristian’s team benefits greatly from the collaboration functionality in LiquidPlanner. Because his team members spend a lot of their time at client sites, they’re rarely in the office at the same time. They use comments to inform one another about progress and status, allowing them to make important decisions in less time. The consultants can get all the relevant information in one central place, reducing the need for meetings and email.

By centralizing collaboration, Kristian’s team ensures that projects are moving forward effectively. Before LiquidPlanner, all the information pertaining to a project  lived in a consultant’s inbox or hard drive. So, when a person was out of the office, sick for the day, or on vacation, progress on the project would grind to a halt because the information could not be accessed. Now with LiquidPlanner, Kristian’s team can work seamlessly and each consultant can pick up where the other left off, reading comments/notes related to the projects and moving the ball forward toward completion.

We want to congratulate Kristian for all of his success over the years, and we’re honored to be part of his team. Do you consider yourself an LP Ambassador in your country? Leave your story in the comments below!


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