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LiquidPlanner Celebrates 1-Year Planniversary

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Happy One Year Planniversary to Us!

liquidplanner 1-year planniversary

One year ago today, on April 22nd, 2021, LiquidPlanner launched its next-generation project management software! The team completely redesigned the product from the ground up without keeping a single line of code. The reason for this complete redesign was to fundamentally improve the way people manage their projects and teams in a simplified and scalable way. The new solution was informed by over a decade of customer feedback and is designed to solve the pain points that still exist for project management software today. We are now the only project management tool that predicts when projects will be completed with 90% confidence. 

What other pain points have we solved?


When will my project be completed? LiquidPlanner allows you to manage project timeline uncertainty through ranged-estimation to mitigate risk from project start to finish, so you always know when work will be finished in real-time.  
How will adding one more project affect our other projects across the portfolio? LiquidPlanner’s predictive scheduling engine, backed by a complex Monte Carlo algorithm, dynamically adapts to change and manages uncertainty that simulates all projects and dependencies across your portfolio.
Who is a bottleneck in your project? LiquidPlanner’s balanced workload functionality pinpoints who is a bottleneck in your project long before a deadline is missed. This allows you to reallocate resources to meet your deadlines.  
Are we utilizing our resources most effectively? Automatic resource-leveling eliminates overload and improves utilization across projects within your portfolio.  
Is our team working on the right priorities? According to McKinsey, only 52% of executives say their employees’ time allocation matches company priorities. LiquidPlanner makes it easy to prioritize projects through priority-driven scheduling. Leadership can list priorities in order of importance and change priorities by simply dragging and dropping them. Our priority-based approach ensures every team member is always working on the most critical priority. Leadership can easily see where employees spend their time with intelligent insights.

These days, we know companies need to be more flexible than ever, ready to adapt to fast-paced environments and seize new opportunities. When priorities and work are constantly changing, so should your project plans. LiquidPlanner’s next-generation project management tool makes it easy to adapt to change. On our one-year anniversary, we’re celebrating not needing to worry about missing project deadlines again.

liquidplanner team celebrating planniversary

Since the launch of the New LiquidPlanner in 2021, we haven’t stopped innovating. We have added over 70 new features to our product, which is just the beginning. Here is a high-level summary of some of our most important new features since our launch in April 2021:


  • Slack integration: LiquidPlanner’s integration for Slack meets teams where they are, so they can easily stay up-to-date on the status of work and changes impacting their work in real-time


  • Templates allow users to maintain uniform project structure and easily build repeatable plans. Plus LiquidPlanner offers pre-built templates – from Engineering projects to Implementation projects – to help teams get up and running quickly. Users can take a template project and plan out work in the Pending Collection before making the project live in the portfolio.

New + Expanded Views: 

  • Grid View: now you can view assignment-level schedule dates and tracking data by selecting “Assignments” in the row’s drop-down menu.
  • Workload View Window: Extend the date range from 30, 60 or 90 days in Portfolio, Package, Project, and Group Workload Views
  • Workload View: Added a new icon (grey dots) to indicate when a member has no available hours, such as on the weekends. Hover on the grey dots to see what date the member is unavailable. 
  • Added Workspace, Person & Group Dashboard Widgets

Increased Feature Availability: 

  • Increased Resource Licenses: two Resources are now included for every 1 user license
  • Test drive all premium features with a 14-day premium feature trial

New Customization Features: 

  • New Custom Filters added such as: “created by” to see who created an item and “name contains” to filter by titling
  • Customize Columns in Grid View: add a customized column display in Grid View at-a-glance 
  • Customize Your Grid View Column Display until a user closes their browser, logs out, or switches to a different organization/workspace
  • Customize the number of rows in My Work Views

New Ease-of-Use Features: 

  • Interactive Project View Columns: edit task details more easily by clicking a column cell directly in the Project View
  • Quick Add feature to update tasks, projects, and assignments more easily
  • Tracking Only Assignments: Mark an assignment as “tracking only” to keep the hours from being added to the schedule
  • Hide Empty Board View: option can now stay checked even after logging out unless the user clears their cache and cookies.
  • Workspace Hub & Members/Resources can now quickly see a member or resource’s cross-project workload. 
  • Grid View Download in an XLSX file of the items shown in Grid View up to 1000 rows

Enhanced Onboarding & Support Features:

  • A sample dashboard and project are included in newly created workspaces with a set of tasks with different task statuses applied to each
  • New Account Sign-Up Form improvements to prepopulate where possible
  • Enhanced Academy content through additional courses, streamlined learning experience, improved layout, launched sharing feature, improved navigation, and added search functionality to quickly answer your questions
  • Improvements made to the Help & Feedback Menu: link to submit questions without leaving your workspace and the ability to attach files with your submission
  • Templates included to upload projects from other software or excel quickly and easily into LiquidPlanner

Expanded Time Tracking Capabilities:

  • Export your Timesheets with advanced filtering and customizations (premium feature)
  • Redesigned Hours Editor to more quickly and efficiently edit assignments
  • Rate Sheets Added for billing and analysis (premium feature) 
  • Added ability for cost codes to be billable or non-billable by changing its Billable Hours setting and added an option to display billable codes in a column
  • Ability to “Pin” tasks across the portfolio to your personal “My Work” views

New Bulk Change Features:

  • Bulk Swap: the ability to quickly re-assign multiple assignments to other members, resources, and placeholders at once
  • Duplicate widgets & items to quickly add to the workspace
  • Bulk edit functionality added to Grid View for assignments
  • Bulk add a single assignment to multiple tasks in project view
  • Import Tasks from Excel into a Project: upload up to 100 tasks into a project from a spreadsheet. Workspace members must have project editor access or above at the project level to import data
  • Import Tasks into LiquidPlanner with a customized template

New Account Management Enhancements: 

  • Org Admins can see how many licenses, tasks, projects, and workspaces are currently in-use, along with other add-ons you’ve purchased or have yet to explore 
  • Org Admins can also see how many users & resources you have open with User and Resource license allocation
  • Plan usage meter limits notifications and visualization show when you have reached the limit on the number of allotted licenses, tasks, projects, or workspaces
  • Access Control enhancements to add rules for various levels of explicit or implicit access, bulk editing, and other actions 
  • An improved process for disconnecting users
  • Change History preserved on active items for 90 days in all paid plans and 30 days in the Free Plan
  • Updated the Workspace Hub to support billing and purchasing, added some shine to the new account creation experience, and tightened up access rules for each role.

New Navigation Features: 

  • Moved all features that manage your team under the “people” tab
  • Consolidated profile & help sections into one user menu
  • Touch Support enabled to drag and drop to move plan items on our touch-enabled devices
  • Right-click functionality enabled to access the menu for editing, moving, and deleting plan items
  • Expanded Right-Click / 3-Dot Menu Functionality to open and view a container’s contents

You can also see all of our full release notes. These improvements are only the beginning. Follow along to see the next 70 features! As always, we will keep listening to customer feedback and innovating to revolutionize how project management is done.

Interested to see if LiquidPlanner can solve your project management pain points? Start your free trial today. Or request a demo with a product expert to walk you through what LiquidPlanner can do for you.

Ted Hawksford, CEO of LiquidPlanner, cutting cake to celebrate one year in market for LiquidPlanner New.


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