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We’re not all natural-born leaders. But many of us – and arguably all of us – who step foot into a career manage and lead at some level (even if we’re managing ourselves, or inspiring a co-worker). Still, it takes skills, experience and a combination of natural gifts and effective habits to guide and motivate a team. Here are five articles to give you a well-rounded view on how to be the best leader that you can be.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great Leader? Take the Test
This Forbes article highlights the 5 C’s of leadership necessary to make an impact in businesses and communities.

6 Ways to Successfully Join and Lead a New Team
Why you should throw out any pre-conceived plans and more salient tips from Forbes.

10 Tips for Managing Creative People
How to pull out the best work from your team with the most unique motivations, from FastCompany’s Co.CREATE.

Building and Leading High-Performance Teams
Includes the characteristics of highly effective teams, from Inc.

Leading People in an Anxious World
This Huffington Post article addresses how to manage and make your teams feel safe – when “safe” has a different bar for everyone. Here’s a link to a Huff Post list of articles about How to be a Good Boss.

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