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Should You Take Your Cell Phone to Meetings? Smartphone Etiquette at Work | LiquidPlanner

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Should You Take Your Cell Phone to Meetings? Smartphone Etiquette at Work

cell phone etiquette

Did you know that the way you use your phone at work could impact your career?

New studies are finding that hiring managers now consider courtesy to be one of the most important soft skills to look for. This courteous behavior includes how you use your cell phone at work because of how it impacts the people around you and influences teamwork.

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to smartphone etiquette. Professionals—especially those of you who work on the go-between projects or clients—increasingly rely on mobile devices to do business. Phones become especially relevant when online project management software and other task-related apps are used on mobile devices. So how do we use our phones effectively and thoughtfully at work? Here are five articles that offer tips from a variety of angles.

A survey conducted by USC’s Marshall School of Business asked a group of professionals about their perceptions of cell phone use in meetings. The results weren’t favorable for the person who likes to text during status meetings. Another discovery from this Inc. article: The more money people make, the more strongly they feel about one side of the smartphone-in-meetings issue.

How to Use a Cell Phone at Work
This article reveals how professionals feel about cell phone usage in a number of work situations. “The balance of power clearly plays a crucial role in perceptions of appropriate mobile phone use,” states this intriguing strategy+business piece.

How to Get People off Their Phones During Meetings Without Being a Jerk
Yes, it’s insensitive when people hunch over their mobile devices while a co-worker is in full presentation mode. But how do you ask team members to put their phones down without feeling self-conscious about it? This Forbes article gives some great tips—from setting ground rules before the meeting to announcing when breaks will occur for phone fixes.

 Smartphones Should Know Their Place at Work
What if you use your phone to take meeting notes? This New York Times Q&A addresses common questions about using personal technology at work—including practical issues like security and privacy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Smartphone Etiquette [Infographic]
This fun and informative infographic from Success looks at cell phone usage in a number of scenarios—from “phubbing” to texting on a date, and of course, using that mobile at work. The stats are based around survey results for a variety of scenarios.

The many modes of communication available on a mobile device (and they keep coming!) are still relatively new. How we use our mobile devices in professional settings is still a work in progress. We’re all learning—together.

Tell us what you think about using smartphones at work.


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