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Hotlist: 5 Common Career Myths

Is there really a way to do things when it comes to our careers, and being generally excellent and effective at work? You’d think so by all the best-business-practice wisdom that permeates our work culture. But what if some of these well-oiled tips don’t work for you? It can be frustrating and isolating—unless you’re able to raise your freak flag, find your own way and rage on. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, wondering if we’re not doing something totally right (not perfectly organized, a bit over-scheduled, feeling a bit under-productive, the tsunami of email, multi-tasking, etc.). But what the heck, we tell ourselves, good enough!

Now the good news. We found five enlightening articles that debunk some of these ideas, and on a number of topics. These pieces provide more options to more of us trying to be the most excellent version of ourselves as possible. So read on, and see what kind of new legging this myth-busting provides you.

Seven Productivity Myths, Debunked by Science (and Common Sense)
Are you sick and tired of being told you have to get up at the crack of the whip to be a legitimately successful person? Or, that you have to power through slumps, and that the Internet makes us stupid? These half-truths and more are all given strike-throughs, with scientific backing to support some alternatives in this Lifehacker article. Tonight, stay up an extra hour for goodness sakes!

The Myth of Working Hard Vs. Working Smart
This Entrepreneur article looks at a newly popular perception of success—that one type of professional works hard, and other types work smart—and never the two shall meet (sort of). Think about all the books and articles about working shorter hours while being mega-successful and spending lots of time with your family and pursuing hobbies. Is that the truth? This piece explores the myth and reality of hard vs. smart work.

5 Myths Around Innovation That Are Limiting Your Success
Self-criticism around unrealistic and misguided expectations is the knife wounds in the Achilles heels of otherwise motivated and exceptional business minds. This Fast Company article turns over some damaging myths that can keep promising talent (like you) from stepping into landscapes of innovation. Don’t let old and bogus ways of thinking stop you.

3 Myths That Block Business Success
“Common myths masquerading as legitimate concerns,” is how this Forbes article describes the unsettling doubts that paralyze many entrepreneurs. Here we have the unearthing and reviewing of three common myths, and how you can reframe your approach and move your budding business ahead with whole-hearted confidence.

5 Email Myths You Should Stop Believing
Many of us can spend a quarter of our workday interacting (or grappling) with email. This Fast Company article reveals what really works and doesn’t work when sending emails—taken from expert analysis of 500,000 emails. Hope that’s not the number of unread messages in your inbox!

Tell us some of your favorite work-career myth busters.


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