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Hot List: How to Be a Great Boss

Hotlist: How to Be a Great Boss

When you become a boss, your work life takes on a whole new dimension. You’re responsible for your group’s performance and output; important projects and big budgets rest on your shoulders, and you have to manage a weather system of personality types. Acquiring the skills to be the kind of boss you aspire to doesn’t happen overnight.

Here are eight articles that provide helpful tips for bosses who want to make a difference—and a few for those of you in the position of aligning yourself with a great boss.

What Makes a Great Boss?
This article describes bosses as the umbilical cord that connects people to organizations. It matters just as much to be a good boss as it does to have one. This thoughtful piece provides a practical list of great boss attributes.

12 Shortcuts to Be a Better Boss
This Inc. article might be the quickest read ever for anyone looking for leadership tips. These 12 pithy pointers range from suggestions like make decisions quickly to manage individuals not numbers.

What Great Bosses Know About True Motivation
“Bosses don’t provide motivation,” this Poynter article states. “They help people motivate themselves.” This lively and informative article lists 12 insights into what intrinsically motivates people—and how great bosses leverage these natural tendencies.

Choose Your Boss Wisely
Your boss can impact your career—from your daily work experience to your career development. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully when you’re in the interview process. This Harvard Business Review blog tells you how to ask the kinds of questions that reveal the true nature of the person who could be your future boss.

10 Things Really Amazing Bosses Do
Are you a good boss, or an amazing boss? This Inc. article is a compare-contrast list of 10 traits, showing what separates the good from the great. See where you measure up, or what you need to do in order to reach greatness.

The Common Thread Among Great Bosses
Remarkable bosses are able to kill it in busiess, bring out the best in people and affect lives long after the working relationship is over. They share one common trait, this Psychology Today article attests—it’s a one-word answer.

Management Intervention: 3 Ways to Be a Better Boss
This straightforward Forbes article gives new and incoming bosses three straight-up skills to fill out their leadership shoes in commanding style.

A Guide for Making Tough Decisions: John C. Maxwell
As a boss, you’re the one who has to face tough situations and say the hard things that no one else really wants to. So how do you step up when you’d really rather avoid any kind of confrontation? This article is not only a guide, but a mini-workbook, with questions to take you through the process of reconciling those tough decisions with strength and grace.

What are your great boss tips?


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